5 AMAZING Backpacks You Must See! ▶4

Great backpacks for traveling, for going out and for work. Everyone who travels a lot or is always on-the-go should check them out!


Zero-G: https://goo.gl/VHu2pX
TYLT: http://goo.gl/kMZJnH
Slim Pack: https://goo.gl/aFHOzM
GoPlug: http://goo.gl/PCqrgZ
Aer: http://goo.gl/u5wHTN


1. Zero-G: World’s First Weight-Reducing Backpack. First backpack designed to make twenty pounds feel like ten.
2. TYLT Energi Backpack: charge your mobile devices on the go. A lightweight backpack that can charge your smartphone 4 times or an iPad one full charge, and recharge via a USB port.
3. Slim Pack: Weatherproof Minimal Commuter Backpack by SlimFold. A minimal, modular, modern backpack designed for the tools of today.
4. GoPlug: [Smart] Powered Backpack. Sometimes you need a bag. Sometimes you need power. Sometimes you need both. Smart technology deserves a smart bag.
5. Aer Travel Pack: The Ultimate Carry-on Backpack. Never check your bag again. Pack all your essentials in the ultimate carry-on travel backpack designed to keep you moving.

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Иван Савельев says:

Я заказывал здесь http://bobby-antitheft.ru. Не оригинал конечно , но качество очень хорошее

Bing Bong says:

okay I’ve seen it now, but I won’t buy it. k.

Fred Miller says:

These are the kind of backpacks faggots and Apple fanboys would use. No thanks!

Satyam Bhai says:

How can get bag lnfom

Avacodolove says:

shit uni projects

Best Tactical Backpack Reviews says:

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Себастьян Перейро says:

fuck muslim

Onur Ergezer says:

Check out our Award winning design Backpack its definitely cooler and more functional than these 😀 https://goo.gl/WuvdMB

Jaireen Mae Santos says:

so per nays

ExplorerJust says:

I use rucksacks all over the world, and no matter which environment I’m heading in to I rely on Karrimor SF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK7HCRpeGsQ&t=4s

Scandinavian Gear says:

Get the best 65l backpack for travel enthusiasts. It provides best quality backpacks.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0742FRD44

SuperJohn12354 says:

The most practical thing I have seen in packpack design of late is an easy to get to compartment, that’s seperate from your main compartment that folds down when you don’t need it for extra space, for your shoes.

InThe Asphalt says:

Guys, if you want an actual good backpack, go on amazon and get an anti theft backpack for 36.99$ and I like using it, it has a charger port in it and it looks legit, got me one.

magiceiswaffel says:

Why? Just buy a powerbank and put it in your 20 bugs backpack!

Desi Derata says:

all the same shit, except the military bag was cool. would def check out great f*ckin bag – https://youtu.be/Bi8Mqb5PhD8

Weird Weekly says:

The moment you realize your just watching adds…

starwars1744 says:

So with all these backpacks that are just battery packs, where is the backpack element? What about storage for what you need that isn’t tech based?

The Other Chan says:

Just get a converse poly pack and you’re good to go.

The Ali Hub says:

Great “Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack” Video

aaaaa1957 says:

what a bunch of junk. First i don’t want a dedicated battery pack ( I’ll use my own ), second none of these backpacks are lockable. Third they all look like crap.

ลําใย เหีัยมเหิน says:

วาววาวไช่เลย ตอบโจดตามหามานาน

QuickQuickSlowSlow55 says:

I love Jos Ackland’s spunky backpack.

Mark Melson says:

You must see it! The best backpack ever made!
Just review and you like it 100%!

blackjin1989 says:

this is a good bag, I got it here. https://goo.gl/EzLchu

Cezary Gwiazdowski says:

You a nub

Jason Frampton says:

Austin Frampton Vavas

adfasik says:

Love the easy-to-grab-and-run cellphone add-on, lol

Bora Demir says:


Ar Game says:

Guy’s HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE THUMBNAIL THIS VIDEO IS SHIT DOESN’T EVEN SHOW U GUYS THE GOOD ONES https://www.booqbags.com/collections/macbook-laptop-backpacks/products/slimpack-gray-eco-friendly-camera-bag

Ben Lamers says:

Can there ever be one of these videos without so much drama.
Just the backpacks.

Joannamae Lardizabal says:


OS3 says:

I came here for the thumbnail

Austin Headspeft says:

Can I have that backpack

Bike Crashs says:

If You Are Looking For A Military Travel Bag You Can Look Here. https://goo.gl/fFFjSx

Dastan Seitov says:

All of this backpack have powerbank inside, but no beautiful design) Show our internet shop about beautiful backpacks http://www.yoy.kz

Javi says:

I think the first announcement is one of the best that i have ever seen, very good job

哼我会有猫的 says:

The front belt is really anti-female

Awais Baig says:

which backpack is in the tumbnail

Quita Yu says:

factory direct for USB anti-theft bag for backpacker with Reasonable price, whatsapp/wechat: +86 18666627921

It's Me Eliesa says:

I want a backpack that is bulletproof,waterproof and rechargeable

Küçük Enişte says:

Good product:goo.gl/oT9oBc

Edster says:

what the fuck

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