What’s in the Suitcase? – Black Lightning Episode 13 FINALE Review!

Black Lightning Episode 13 FINALE Review! – What’s in the Suitcase? The Flash 4×18 Ending, The Flash 4×19, The Flash 4×19 Promo, The Flash Season 4 FINALE, The Flash 4×19 Trailer, Dawn Allen

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Winter Praetor says:

6/10 for me the acting of Anissa and Cress Williams failed at some parts

Supersonicstella says:

I wish it was Beebo in the suitcase

Winter Praetor says:

What episode was syoanides backstory

Pascal Fernandes says:

Ther did statet Jennifer gets her suit next season propaly by the end of s2

thecoolan NishatK. says:

How did they manage to get such get music

Nova2512 says:

Hey Pagey, $20 says lala comes back to life

BlazeMasterOfGames says:

Is latavious Tattoo man from the comics

kombat baller says:


Tommy Ramirez says:

BTW Nessa has the best behind in the dctv universe easily

Davy says:

the suitcase contains the drug that made them powers-refined-

Myles Crawley says:

I wanna see Static Shock in season 2

Elizabeth Link says:

THANK YOU! I’m so glad you did this review! I loved the season as a whole. They have some excellent writers and amazing actors. In the world of Netflix season binges, et. al. I think having an 18 episode season is a great idea.

slickrickcm says:

When pagey said “a big ask” I thought he said a big ass lmao

Matti says:

In the case he could have the stuff which Tobias uses to make him age slower and makes him stronger and maybe he could be planning to spread it

Viswanath Thiagarajan says:

Tobias … calls LaLa …”tattooed man” and I knew he was one of the rarely known DC characters

Sia says:

Finally you did an episode on black lightning, The season was heated

Dave102693 says:

I love this show!

Joshua Ojeda says:

Thats a big issue with the CW shows, The writers they have cant write 23 ep season anymore, So I really hope Black Lightning stays at 13 eps

Tiffany Ricker says:

I was very skeptical and didn’t care for the first couple of episodes but by the finale I was hooked. This was by far better than Arrow and Legends. Easily one of my favorites this year!!

Rohan Dick says:

black lightning is by far worth 10 times better than the flash, 20 times better than the arrow and 30 times of legends of tomorrow

Rafael Malaj says:

I was amazing

ferhan yildirim says:

Amazing season! 10/10

jason jones says:

What’s in the canister?

VM x EGAL-IT officiel says:

Black Lightning gave me hope in CW DCTV. Great show. it had a mix feeling of Arrow s01-02 and The flash s02 since it metas. No soap opera or girl power, thanks god! Plots where nice. the episodes all fit together the way it should be.

Joshua Ojeda says:

Overall this season is an 8.5/10

darryll moffett says:

About time you did a review this is a good show

DJ cuellar says:

I thought Black Lightning wasn’t YouTube material…. Anyways… It was hands down best season of dctv no contest. Cant wait for season 2. it was done and handled so well. Flash and arrow could learn alot from smaller amount of episodes. Could help the stories not seem so all over the place.

The Green Arrow says:

I thought the finale was electrifying.

Totty Boy Central says:

Someone please tell me black lighting got renewed for season 2

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