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What bags to get if your joining the skies have a browse through different websites to see the best deals visit TRIPP website – http://www.tripp.co.uk

Suitcase – http://www.tripp.co.uk/products/1891-tripp-holiday-4-4-wheel-medium-suitcase-black

Flight Bags – http://www.tripp.co.uk/categories/3-bags/all?filter=1


Kirsty McGuire says:

I love these videos but how many times do you think she said ect.?

aminaa Sheikh says:

Love your videos, I’m doing a cabin crew course and so excited for my journey, I have a long way to go but your videos are so helpful and it gives me an insight of what I’m about to get into. Thanks Tasha x

Ayşe says:

unrelated but your hair is amazing! if it’s not your natural colour what hair dye colour is it? 🙂

CS77 Smith says:

Awww you look & sound sooo cute, i’m new to your videos & i enjoy your trips& beauty face haha.

A Mishra says:

With 4 wheels if it isn’t for hand the wheels come off pretty easily

Molly Isabella says:

I absolutely adore your videos! I’m hoping to go into Cabin Crew and your vids are just a god send.
Love you girl! <3 xxxxxx

Gloria Doxi says:

Thank you Tasha , everything here are really helpful! Can you do as well a cabin crew make up ?

HayleyWaley says:

Your videos are really good. I use to be crew for a short haul airline for 2 years. I been gone just over a year and miss it so much. Just wanna get back in the air. Worse choice of my life leaving. ✈️✈️

DEAN23 says:

Okay, so unless I’m missing something here, the last time I checked, as suitcase that is 65cm tall, is not cabin. And I used to work for Tripp, so I know….

Rifa says:

just a quick question how did you manage to get away with the tattoo on your wrist? as I have looked into applying and they said no to me as I have a tattoo on my wrist

Tanya Dove says:

What size is the suitcase?

amazoner0cks says:

You are beautiful and sexy, also love your accent 😛 nice video keep it up 😉

Rutger Fernandes says:

Love your videos! 🙂 I have been flying just under 2 months now and I love it! It would be awesome to run into you as I am flying out of london as well. Maybe you could do like what are some tips on sleeping or like waking up. or even like skin care for crew, or what types of snacks or food do you bring on board, because I know crew food can get a bit boring 😉 x

Africa Herrera says:

you sound so much like Tanya Burr, and also you look like her!!

Chara Dreemurr says:

Woah your bag is huge!

heyJOE says:

They also have debenhams in places like copenhagen, cyprus, middle east ect, 🙂

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