Unboxing a UGOBAGS Personalized Suitcase

We were sent a Wolters World personalized suitcase and here we go unboxing it. Luggage unboxing at its best with Jocelyn. It is a very cool personalized hard sided suitcase.
We will be taking it with us on a future trip and giving you a hands-on review of the suitcase. Both the good and the bad.

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Norse Gringo says:

You have to see special luggage role in the Tom Hanks movie “Joe verses the Volcano”, you’ll love the ending.

dan Hamakua says:

Woltersworld looks great on that case. Nice big sturdy wheels. Looks like the suitcase will be very stable on uneven surfaces.

gnawgnaw yesyes says:

Hello, luggage dimensions and weight while empty please?

WhoaNellyJake says:

Your wife is awesome!
COSTA RICA! Yes. Sounds like fun

Stephanie Edwards says:

Thanks for sharing this. My husband will freak after seeing this, now we’ll have custom matching luggage! Yeah, we’re dorky like that. Great review Jocelyn!

Jennifer Lyons says:

I want one with my dogs portrait on it! Maybe this on my profile!

Radi0he4d1 says:

Also people will not steal it right under your nose.

Bill Green says:

Jocelyn, you did great! You’re a natural spokesmodel. I see a commercial spokesperson job in your near future.
As far as packing goes, it may sound a little bit OCD but I pack my clothes in plastic bags with like clothes in each bag. I have a plastic back with just socks, a plastic bag with just short-sleeved shirts, etc. That way if I’m looking for socks they are not scattered around the bag. Also, I roll up clothes. That way they don’t get wrinkled.

Tosh T says:

Very cool. Love the logo. That built in locking system makes my relatively new luggage seem obsolete!

Marcia Ricksgers says:

These look great, but the website says the smallest case dimensions are 22″ x 16″ x 8.5″. Delta Airlines restricts cabin luggage to 22″ x 14″ x 9″. Alas, too big.

Sniper9Factory says:

Is your wife brazilian?

Magellan says:

5:17 A dog barking. Which breed? I’m just curious, I always had dogs (Labrador and Bernese mountain dogs).

The suitcase looks really good. Never thought about personalized suitcases btw.

chemgk says:

Love it! Can’t wait for the packing video!

akanne1 says:

I’m impressed, I’ll be on the look out for your follow up video. I might give them a try 🙂

Seacht says:

Just back from Rome!Thanks for all the tips!

Brock Mitchell says:


John Lewis says:

Easy to spot personalized luggage at the baggage claim area in the airport!

Ginger Awana says:

needing a new luggage and this one seems very sturdy. plus the wheels looks like they can handle a lot of weight as well. thanks for sharing.

[154thTN] Seth Adam says:

Your wife is freaking hot man, congrats.

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