UK: Suitcases

Jason and Polly give the latest suitcases a good, old-fashioned battering to see which you should be taking with you on your next holiday.

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pierce sherry says:

and what ? i have adhd and dose that make me any different from you /

Eugen Afanasjev says:

Just another case of expensive does not mean the best.
But from my experience i know, that the best and most versatile products are mid-range products.

AmusingYeti says:

Good test 🙂

Nectro Spect says:


raidden says:

thos Brits… i can fucking understand a thing they say…

pierce sherry says:

yes probibly the fact id kick the shit out of you

NamesoomGaming says:


30sleepy10 says:

polly would seriously get it

KieranR9 says:

Very informative video, especially when I’m going on holiday soon! Thanks guys!

peter gildersleve says:

when is the show going back to normal the new form is dreadfull and boring!

Chris Hunter says:

Who cares how a suitcase performs when it’s empty? How about filling it with 20kg of stuff and wheeling it down a pavement or trying to lift it into the trunk of a car – which is what people actually have to do with a suitcase.

pierce sherry says:

funny man come say that to my face

Jake says:

Have a good time Kieran if I dont see u
from Xssassin CC

Simon Eddie says:

because they are doing a round the world tour, and currwently the UK section is being uploaded

Boriss sv says:

Ёбань ещё та. Не на,, нет такого товара (чемодана моделью tripp lite который хоть близко похож на этот), да же гугля не может найти. Изначально знал что всё что показывают тут, лажа, в первый раз повёлся на телек, зашёл в инет потратил два полтора часа. УРОДЫ.

Tanuj Dua says:

The last test should have been 2nd and the 2nd should have been last. Kinda stupid the current way they have them.

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