Travel Tips: How to choose a Carry-On

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Sonia Gil reviews different types of Carry-On options to use for your travels.

Check out the Carry-Ons from the show:

Tumi T-Tech Cargo Continentel Carry-On

The North Face Wayfinder 19″

Eagle Creek Adventure Wheeled Backpack 22″

Victorinox Avolve 20″ Expandable wheeled spinner

Lipault Plume 0% Foldable 22″ 2 wheeled carry on


Emanuel Stoica says:

on my trip to Romania me and my moms carry-on were backpacks.

sonykiss HUNTE says:

you are so funny..thanks for sharing

TøpPhan says:

2:51, awkward moment. ;D

Claudette says:

Turns out a lot of bags are too big. The last lipault is too big. Didn’t check the others. Especially since airlines are now counting the wheels.

Does anybody have suggestions?

ataylor says:

I usually go with a model by glad, its black and costs about 20 cents, you can buy the upgrade with the red drawstrings for a nickle more.

Aryana G. says:

Do a how to pack you carry on video Sonia!!!!!

hillarymaegan says:

Hey Sonia! I’m headed to Scotland to study abroad & I was wondering what type of luggage do you recommend? Would you recommend a carry on & a backpack? Maybe one that serves as a dual purpose? Or would it be better to check in luggage and have a carry on & put a travel backpack in one of the luggages?

valerina loona says:

Sonia looks build, like she works out,i love working out

nancy sinha says:

what song is in the background ?

sunil sai says:

Thanks a lot for this helpful information!

I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in life and the result is that , all used to make fun of me and i was called almost a looser!

luckily, one of colleague introduced me to “listall” mobile app by lokesh which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life. 

Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I cant believe it

Lips&Lashes says:

You have great tips girl! Keep em coming :).

cindybin2001 says:

I can’t believe the price of these carry-on bags! Over $200 for a backpack? That is crazy! What about on HSN where Samantha Brown shows her travel sets, where you get a really nice matching carry-on and tote/purse–I have seen these on special for under $100. And people call in and rave about them, and they always get good reviews on the website. I would never spend over $200 for a single carry-on. I wouldn’t want to spend even $100! 

Emanuel Stoica says:

Is that wrong

luis munoz says:

Should I measure my carry on with clothes in? My carry on measures the 21x14x9. If I add the clothes it’s a little more. I’m i over packing or it is normal. Would I have to pay?

George Liu says:

Actually the carry-on allowance for Trans-Atlantic/Pacific British Airways bags are one personal item (purse/laptop bag) and a roll-aboard at 23kg EACH, as long as you can lift them unassisted. Meaning 100 pounds of carry on if you want it (the volume dimensions are pretty standard though).

Alice Lin says:

Just chance upon yr videos, a pity u haven’t been posting much? U look pretty, funny , perfect articulation and topics are straightforward…

Eva Frade says:

Oh my god, I just found your channel through the “New year, new you” collab, and It’s amazing! I’m traveling to Europe next July, and I was freaking out because I never been there and I’ve never been so much time out ! I have the feeling your videos are going to help me so much! By the way, absolutely love that yellow carry on!

MrMuttonhollow says:

Lover your videos, You do a great job, Thanks for the help.

Elise Einertsen says:

Can you make a “packing routine” video?
I really like your videos.

Mu Langlang says:

You’re sooo gorgeous, girl

Bethany Steele says:

They may rarely weigh bags, but if everybody’s bag is 1 lb overweight your plane could crash, just saying, planes aren’t actually magic, sorry 🙂

mortenstein1 says:

Gee I just used my old school bag as a carry on

Jacob Salter says:

When I fly British Airways, or any European airline, the limit is 22kg (48 lbs)

Jennifer Johnson says:

My carry on is 22x14x10! Do you think the one extra inch in width will be a problem? I hope not, I love my Heys leopard hard side!

Diane Binns says:

UPS for a 40 lb bag 25x12x9 in USA ground 33.40. 3 days in advance. Fed-ex same bag 37.00 ground. 2 days in advance. You than can have it shipped to their store. They will hold it for 5 days. Or Re-route to your hotel after your there. I personal wouldn’t have it shipped to the hotel before. Then it would be safe at the UPS or Fed-Ex location.

B.J. Martin says:

Osbrey Meridian 22. Maximum size for a carry on, with a detachable laptop backpack. Main comport has detachable backpack straps too. Not cheap though, over $300.00.

Gabriela Marin says:

Has probado el carry on de Genius Pack? Parece super cool y tiene el mismo precio del Victorinox que tu recomiendas.

ScarlettKingsbury says:

when did sandra bullock start making youtube videos?

Juanita Webb says:

So is a backpack I have a good idea as a carry on bag? And do airports have rules on how heavy they can be?

alexandra david says:

Definitely check your airline requirements before choosing the carryon for that particular trip. I had a flight from LAX to Copenhagen, with a layover in Zurich. My carryon fit for transatlantic flight, but not the 2nd leg between Zurich & Copenhagen. Swiss Air has different size requirements for short flights.

Osca Alva says:

my carry on of choice is the red oxx sky train 3 in1 bag no
wheels bags for carry on are pain in the ass its not a french bag its made made in the usa..

Mylene - my's beauty channel says:

do any of those carry-on fit under the seat in front of you on the plane? I prefer keeping my things close to use them on the plane. Also, do you have any suggestions to stick your carry-on to your main luggage? I usually bring a simple backpack to fix that issue but i’m sure sure you have a better idea. 
Great video by the way. 

Minjee says:

can you please do another video about carry on/weekend bags? like a review or you’re most recommended brands? thank you!!

bushyconn says:

Dont know where you got your info from but in Australia and much of the rest of the world, carry on in Ebon is limited to 7kg – about 15b. Nowhere near the figures you quote

Zhonguoria says:

Sonia, can you give metric equivalents? Every country except USA displays metric, including their airlines. I hate to convert unnecessarily.

Charlie Beagle says:

What size measures for carry on? I’m planning to use duffle bag, but I afraid it might to big

Mhoumadi Ibrahima says:
Kevin Kirkham says:

I just use duffel bags lol

Elle A says:

Heres my own carry on tip. Buy a carry on bag with the airlines name on it. Especially if you travelling to Europe no one weighs it at all, airlines name on it, good to go. The bag I find is nice, has 4 wheels on it, sturdy, light weight and has outside pockets as well. And I found it was either same price or cheaper than other carry on bags. Also if by chance you did not stand in line first, or connection flight etc….that phone call that distracted you, (you know the one) …You get on the plane and cant find a space overhead, no problem, they actually so nice to check your carry on for you for free, thats right free because the airlines name is on it and they were in a good mood to help you out of distressful situation. Not something you should always count on but possible. Never hurt to fly with major airlines carry on luggage. 

MsHe1en says:

Love you and all your tips!

Bridget Sarah says:

My carry-on bag is PERFECT. It is a Rick Steves brand bag and it is the perfect carry on size but is light and fits enough for a 4 week holiday through Europe!

alex d says:

fuck it im using a plastic walmart bag

MsStarfish75 says:

Thanks for all the helpful information!!!! What are your thoughts about vitamins in carry-ons for trips more than 10 days?

Julia Hetzel says:

You are actually annoying…but great tip!!!

Reem Abdullah says:

love your makeup!

Grace Su says:

The Lipault foldable 2-wheels looks great. I am thinking about replacing my carry-on, which is also light-weighted & two-wheeled. My current carry-on, however, has the issue that when packing a lot of stuffs, it becomes extremely difficult to pull/drag. Wonder if Lipault’s wheels are better, or I really should get the 4-wheel ones?

Paul Davis says:

Oh, wow! This is one for the backpackers out there. When you finally find the perfect carry-on, it’s definitely going to stay with you for a long time.

Sean Mangubat says:

My carry-on bag is the IKEA Upptäcka Carry-on Bag. Looking forward to using it on our Florida vacation this summer.

RLJSings says:

Briggs and Riley torq carry on has a pocket in front and it’s a hard case.

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