Supreme x Rimowa Suitcase Collab Review! Supreme Week 8 S/S ’18 Droplist!

150 likes for these box logos on wheels? Lol, let me know if you guys will be buying these from Supreme on week 8 drop!

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supreme rimowa suitcase luggage collab review spring summer 18 week 8 review drop

family friendly pg clean safe


Ozzi La Flame says:

8oone > Cameron

Ten Eightey says:

Cop for the resell . Even though theres a high price point you already know these will sell out so fast. You might have to put it on ice for a while but someone will cop.

PremeFix says:

Low key do look like CUF boys if he lost weight.

Face Snipes says:

Cop it

2 B irie 4life says:

I dare ya to cop!!

tyler s says:

I’m not copping that shit is 1800 bruh

Stefen Oddo says:

What else is Dropping??

jac cunningham says:

i think its fire but way too much money

Jake Nelson says:

8oone you dead ass look like cam or whatever his name is

dee nation says:

I just got a 35L Rimowa on eBay for 600 Red color when it comes in I’m about to order a custom sticker for it I’ll be into it for $700 that’s the most I’m paying on it

Hypxz says:

Buuuuut….. I have the shirt that you have but I’m grey….

ZestyHD says:

finally a drop that the kiddies cant afford makes it easier for us!

Miguel Martinez says:

There’s no way I would ever spend a whole month of paycheck just to stunt on broke boys while going broke trying to cop

8oone says:

Should I go for one of these rimowa supreme suitcases in a live collab?

Carp41 says:

Aliens are coming April 18 :/

Zach vlogs says:

Please cop it

unloaded. kickz says:

Yall do look alike

HiddenWell says:

uh oh………cuff boys???

TonyZonee says:

Haha y’all do look alike

woodridge homie says:

Cop the small one

Shane Pryde says:

U look so baked every video LMAO

BobMcbill87 says:

all your other vids you say you want the big box logo, they give it to you say its too loud… smh

John lampert says:

hairs getting long bro

Zach vlogs says:

Cop it

jack says:

you would get jacked SO FAST if you pulled up to any major city with this

LewisTV says:

Mans copping

Clay says:

Go for it no balls

Tommy ho says:

That shirt flamskiii bro

woodridge homie says:

Cop one of the bags

John Ramirez says:

too broke for that shit lmao but imma cop keychain

Macros _ says:

OOF we out here

Max Klewer says:

Big booner

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