SELF DRIVING LUGGAGE!? – World’s Smartest Suitcase

I was invited to check out Ovis a self driving luggage that follows you everywhere you go, it is the world’s smartest suitcase.

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StrikeFreedom1920 says:

It looks dope. How far can it go in 1 full charge? How would it handle following the owner in a very crowded airport?

Yan Campos says:

U got pay for that bullshit.

Thobtech says:

I want one. How much?

A says:


AD AD says:

How much does it weigh?

Pman says:

Is there any space for luggage after all that tech is built in?

Philbert Tech says:

Dope Armando, I love that, much love from Uganda

Jay Malone says:

Very interesting!!!

Philip Chang says:

“The minutes you grab the handle, it will disengage the motor” so dose it means will the suitcase is following you and a stranger can just grab the suitcase and runaway the motor will just stop. So anybody can easily steal your luggage . Cool but not practical and useless.

marko song says:

tell them to go.into production real quick…they are doing so much advertising and not producing it for the consumers

Kevin Samuel says:

I absolutely love the aspect ratio of this video! Clears the notch just right!

Jack Quah says:

The camera don’t have a cover to cover up when not in use and if the camera broke by the airport ground crew during transfer your luggage in the aircraft or train, if that happened, this luggage is useless. And replace the camera is costing you more money compare with the luggage prices

Christopher Lee says:

Yes!!! Smart luggage!!! That’s so convenient. Great video Armando!

Harry Thomas says:

What’s the durability like?
Airports probably throw our shit around

sebxx says:

I wonder if they could make it compact stuff for you 🙂 (include a vaccum)

lr says:

It is way too slow – who walks in this speed through the airport?

Phalad TiGeR says:

Cool bro! but what if we gotta run for the last person on board flying? any super fast move mode ? ;p

Danny Winget says:

This is dope! Gimbal is killing it!

Gabriel Ben-harosh Hasson says:

Do you know how long the battery can last?

EarvinC says:

What is the background music name in the beginning ?? And dope bag!!!

jokka83 says:

This is a gimmick. Does it make your travel easier, faster, cheaper or lighter? Dobut it, no, no and no. Does it make your travelling cooler? yup.

Dave Publiday says:

I just discovered this luggage, and I’ve been googling the heck out of it. Looks like an awesome product. Two things. First of all, the videos show people walking slowly and unnaturally with it. I’m getting the feeling that in real life it kind of gets in your way and if you are hurrying for a flight it won’t keep up. Secondly, is it weird for me to be off-put by their promotional video showing the guy with the Ovis skipping the queue and going to the front of the line? Nonetheless I’d like to see one of these in person….

Nazia Rizwan says:

How and where do i get this

Alexey says:

Thats cool, but how much does it weigh?

UHU Broz says:


Megan Manuel says:

What if you don’t want to waste the energy on the self driving luggage?

Windkisssed says:

That looks like a fantastic traveling tool! I wish I traveled more to justify it! My type of traveling is in a travel trailer so I, in fact, already have everything with me! Thanks for a great, informative video!!!

Andrew Pagakis says:

just make it look r2 and give it a voice automation like google or something and i’ll take it, i don’t even care if it stores luggage haha

ZoeBios121 says:

Wow, they could make an R2D2 version

Armando Ferreira says:

What do you guys think yay or nay, really want to know if you guys think this is a good idea or just a gimmick?

Diego Kaku says:

laziness master level

2QS says:

I will hold onto my luggage just to not have to be “that guy” that is walking around with his luggage following him.

Mattias Verduijn says:

Don’t mind me, just charging my suitcase

mnguyea says:

Until someone hacks the suitcases and create an army of suitcases to follow its true master.

Nikolas Manuelides says:

great video!

Kandid Reviews says:

holy cowww! sci fi getting real!

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