Scooter Suitcase | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

Trudging through the airport is terrible, and this scooter suitcase claims to have the solution. But does it really cut down travel times like it claims? We put it to the test.

We’re testing out viral inventions to see if they live up to expectations. Welcome to “It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?”.

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Vihvienne Cakes says:

i totally want this!! my airport isnt really crowded ever so i feel like it’s not even necessary but i kinda just want it

Tasmia :D says:

One and a half years ago and just 80 comments.. okay lol

People around them were like Wth and Chelsea bumped into a man! Look closely..

Jess Didani says:

Hey everybody it’s Bunny! And today is the day where we ask ourselves, DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?!

Saladmence5900 says:

I used to sit on one and be pulled around

miguel felipe minecraft jose says:


Amanda Hirschfeld says:

Cool idea but cost way way to much!

mbahmannz says:

Damm those pimple

cece bpapps says:

Your gonna look ridiculous riding it

Prikly -Roblox and more! says:

How bout’ Gaming insider?

Sultan Abdulaziz says:

“Scoot, scoot.”

Maddie Riley says:

They totally abandoned the opportunity to call it a “Scootcase”

fana406 says:

Carl has a thick penus

BurnerOfficial says:

The origin is from China, just to let you know and china have the electric one.

Spiffy Spiffy says:

You can just modify a 3 wheeled scooter and a backpack, but nah i’ll just buy one of these if I want one.

Sloppy joe says:

Would ve better if it was automatic

Jake Jhonson says:

In a bustling airport I’d rather keep the traditional luggage.

Mulazzx says:

Lmao i did this wayyy before this suitcase was invented and I would do tricks to make all them walking peps jealous

King Dwivedi says:

Come to india delhi railway station …

Bobby family says:

3:36 almost hit a guy

OneShot_Bucketgang240 says:

Or buy a scooter/skateboard and roll the suit case as u ride. A lot less than 300 for a mini suit case.

Darsh says:

It’ll get stolen fast.

Tasmia :D says:

*But I love pulling suitcases around…*

Rebecca L says:

Does it get past security?

jasmine flower says:

Ive been wanting this for awhile! Thanks for this!

Mikayla Potato Yee says:

It’s less effort tho

Hannah Arcilla says:

I actually saw this on shark tank

KristianHR says:

Kane should use it.

χ gяιмαlкιи χ says:

The scooter seems too short…

Jooliana Vlogs says:


Lily Silly says:

I’m here before Justin Y.

That Gymnast says:

That was on shark tank!

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