RIMOWA Classic Flight Review | Buying New Luggage in Kuala Lumpur

Early this year I noticed that one of my wheels was locking from time to time on my luggage and I knew it was time to bid adieu to my trusted bag and find a fabulous new one. Hopefully one that would last longer than 2.5 years this time! Well, I definitely struck gold with my sexy aluminium Classic Flight by RIMOWA. It’s sleek and has a vintage aviator theme that warms my heart because I’m a private pilot (I’ve even flown an old 1928 open cockpit Travel Air bi-plane once, which is from around the time my bag was designed!). Do watch my video (and wait for the funny moment I say ‘aluminum’ instead of ‘aluminium’ like all Americans haha) but here are a few reasons I chose the RIMOWA Classic Flight:
– The details are exception with a leather handle and wheels that glide across literally ANYTHING with just a slight fingertip push.
– It fits my tripod perfectly and everything I need for a month or more of Southeast Asia travel.
– The specialty combination lock is the new TSA Lock system they can open when required without damaging the suitcase.
– The exterior is so tough it will last me YEARS and only look more awesome as time passes.
– The price to quality ratio far exceeds that of other luxury brands that seem to manufacture pieces more for vanity than durability.

Given that I live out of a suitcase for up to 3 months at a time when I’m on back-to-back hotel review trips, I do my best to choose well when it comes to my most valued non-vlogging travel tool. We’ve been on 2 trips so far and I love it beyond words! With RIMOWA and the 5 year warranty my new baby has, I know I’ve just brought home the best piece of luggage I’ve owned in my life.

RIMOWA Classic Flight aluminium luggage: https://www.rimowa.com/en-us/classic-flight-aluminium-suitcase

My Southeast Asia packing video: https://youtu.be/3LeK_DspGfc

More travel tools on my blog: http://luxurybucketlist.com/travel-resources

XOXO ~ Angela

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SIMPLY M says:

Hi Angela how much you got it for?

sakurasoh says:

I love this brand and it is super expensive

SIMPLY M says:

HI Angela i am fans your Vlog. I have a question i hope you could help since you travel so many country. I want to get a luggage but not sure which one should i get. Should i get Samsonite black label that have lifetime Warranty or Remowa Topas that have only 5 years warranty. which one is the best deal?

Bo Stark says:

Never considered the Classic, but after this video and looking at it in the store I’m very tempted. much mote stylish than the Salsa. My only worry is the weight. But I guess it’s not that often the’ll weight the luggage.

Ambot Lng Saimo says:

hi, can you please make a video like a thorough review on this model, planning to get one sooner.thanks

ronald carlo says:

how much was it? i heard that in sg the prices are better.

ggnnttmm says:

I bought mine from Germany through http://www.shopandbox.com

Ryan Luo says:

i was told to stay away from the classic due to the common breakage of the locks… – opted for the topas instead

E-Boat tanit says:

Classic flight is rubbish. That lock is horrible. If you travel a lots get topas. But for cabin trolley I guess it fine.

Ramadhan Pujaan says:

Why oh why i really need one now

W Ragasa says:

Did you get the 35Liter or the 33Liter? What is your opinion for each? I am looking to get a classic flight but I am considering the 33L just because I travel to Europe a lot and use the budget airlines and the 35L exceeds carry on dimensions for some of them.

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