HEY FRIENDS! In this video, I am going to briefly cover how I pack a carry-on suitcase for a weekend getaway to Miami for a wedding! I hope you guys enjoy and hopefully take away a tip or two!

I have listed my travel accessories down below!!!

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Giselle Santos says:

omg I loved this! I’m going to Jamaica at the end of the month and I’m not the best at packing. So I
m now on Amazon looking at packing cubes lol.

dbibbs100 says:

Love that suitcase! Lots of cute looks, too! Hope you guys had fun in Miami!

Josefine Öijer says:

Perfect since I’m gonna travel on sunday!

The Life of Zarah says:

Love that off the shoulder sweater!

Natural n Thick says:

Love your packing cubes. I need to get some. I also loved your wrap top, too cute. Enjoy your trip to Miami!

ois helo says:

why do i seem to be the only one concerned that she put more weight on the top rather than closer to the weels?

Crown of Beauty says:

Love this helpful advice, your editing is great as well, I’ll definitely be checking out more videos from you. #newsubbie I’d love to see a room tour! I need to get that set you have to put body was and such in.

Lucky Charm says:

how do i get online on airplane last time i had paid 5 bucks and didn’t work do i have set up while you waiting before you get on board?
wish there is more packing for 1 month, i love that color of travel cube almost like color of i have i order mine from kohls and found more at walmart for 9 bucket that came in 3 size and one came in with two different size

QueensLyfe Cosmetics says:

I am preparing for a expo in ATL next month and I need to carry some very important stuff/products in my carry on. This was a big help cause I was going crazy thinking how I was going yo pull this off. Thanks

Hermione Granger says:

So the ifly suitcase works for most airlines as a carry on??????????

Heyitsjamie G says:

The packing cubes are soooo cute ! But I hope you have fun on your mini getaway! The outfits are very cute !!

Petite Aitza says:

Loved your outfits so much. There’s nothing like a mini weekend trip.

Shelby Tyler says:

Never thought to utilize the little cotton bags. This was helpful thanks!

Gerard Kennedy says:

What about hair products?

MissMosstheBossTV says:

I loved your outfits and love how you edit. You bout to make be binge watch ppl packing lol I’m now like i need a mini vacay

Carmen Babilonia says:

I am going to Dominican Republic to Punta Cana

Prmallen Child of the Most High says:

I have the same luggage,cute ensemble of items u have there. Birthday cruise next month for me.

misslenisekayy says:

I just bought this suitcase today in hopes of traveling this summer! I needed to figure out how to fit the packing cubes in there. This helped so much, thanks for making this video!

My Fitness Euphoria says:

I love how everything is packed so nicely. I’ve always wanted to invest in those packing cubes, but I’m plus-sized, so I feel like nothing would ever fit.

Lia Lavon says:

I love the electric blue flats! I need to pack my carry on a lot better because this video taught me that I am currently doing it all wrong!! lol

Just Dessie says:

I like the intro.. Your carry on is cute.. The two outfits you got is nice.. It is more organized to have little Cubes.. I like picking out my outfits as well so I know what I’m gonna wear and how it will look on me.. Your blue flats are real cute.. I need a sleep set that you have is cute..

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