On The Go Review: Erin Condren Suitcase

In the second installment of my Summer Travel Series I am sharing an “On The Go” style review of the Erin Condren suitcase. Links to previous videos in the series are below. Check out my coordinating blog post for pics, links, & giveaway info. Thanks for watching ☺

One The Go Review Blog Post – http://www.organizedjen.com/on-the-go-review-erin-condren-suitcase

Click here to join the Erin Condren website and receive $10 towards your first purchase – http://bit.ly/1b64X0Z

2014 Summer Travel Series Videos:
Travel Gear Organization – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUPf90mXOPY

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litabears says:

Love love the travel series. I was looking into the baggalini toiletry bag. Have you ever used their products??? They have the roll out version not sure if its quite useful. Let me know!

Neil R says:

thanks Jen, must admit I like these vlog style reviews more.

Julie Garcia says:

The pillow behind you on the bed is an interesting choice, it doesn’t match the rest of your room

Sheila Norwood says:

My dear Jen,  ( friend in my head) this was such a nice informative video.  I think one of my faves.  The real time thing was really a nice touch.  Keep up the good work.

Kirsty Bain says:

such a shame it got scuffed, but theme the breaks! I’m going to get some packing cubes, I love how everything just fell into place 🙂 I wonder if they could work on a way of protecting the picture :/ its so cute.
Thanks for the review 🙂  

thereaderbug says:

Aww, poor puppy. 

Adrian Balingit says:


vchavana says:

I love your packing videos, it’s like watching someone play tetris

Adrian Balingit says:

What happened to whinie

Madison More says:

It looks like a good quality suitcase but I still prefer the Heys one I took to Europe with me. Super durable and lots of space.

Ashlee K says:

This is a great review, thanks!

candyformandy says:

I love love love packing videos and travel organization

oLi102 says:

It’s not entirely true. Hard casse luggages are less durabl than soft-sided luggages as it can crack easily when too much force is exerted on it whereas soft-sided luggages can absorb some force. People choose hard case luggages are beecause of the variety of colors and designs. In addition, in general, they are lighter than soft sided luggages at the same price point. I still like my hard casse luggage though because I can treat it as a chair whenever I need a seat. XDDD

Jasmine Mae says:

Wow you are so nice & generous! I love watching your organizing vid ( I am also “ocd” when it comes to packing lol) I definitely would love to have a EC luggage for my trip to Disney World in the Fall:)

YT4Me57 says:

That bag was packed to capacity for a 3-day trip, so I can’t imagine using it for a longer international journey unless both she and her husband each have one. I don’t travel with a man (not married) so I stay away from hard sided luggage. Its just way too heavy to deal with when trying to lift it from the conveyor belt-I gave up my hard sided luggage back in the 80s sometime. I am however a big fan of carryons and Eagle Creek’s Pack-it cubes! Used the combination on 3 trips this summer (twice internationally) and they made packing and traveling an absolute breeze!

Natalie Ting says:

How much is it?

Kia Joy says:

Loved the out takes at the end.

Jessica B says:

It’s ok, Jen……sometimes thinks change in the business world that you can’t help.

Florida Mom says:

Love the look of this suitcase!

Velma G says:

Love your review. Would be awesome if you had a link for the cubes and you carryon bag etc…

What brand is the carryon ? I couldn’t really make it out on the video.

Jennifer Baum says:

most adorable bag ever!! thanks for the giveaway.. fingers crossed that i win, but really i just think it’s awesome that you are able to host so many amazing giveaways.. you have such a big heart <3

Bridgetennis says:

Really nice, but did I notice that the frisbee was missing when you got to the hotel?

Amy Taylor says:

Where’s your necklace from? It looks so lovely against your skin tone.

ShinesDesigns says:

I love your luggage videos and this Erin Condren bag does seem like it worked really well for your style of packing. I love my Erin Condren Life Planner and wondered about this luggage so thanks for sharing how it really works in real travel situations!

Cakeoooooh says:

I think packing is “art”! LOL So I will NEVER get tired of your packing videos. 😀

Kira Zoe says:

Good as always!

Giada Amarini says:


Missy S says:

At 12:30 what happened to the frisbee?

Karen Fisher says:

Love all of your travel videos, I always pick up a few new tips and tricks!! So looking forward to the rest of the series!!!

jgalaxy4 says:

Great video…great bag! Thanks for sharing!

Melinda C says:

Scary when you pick up by handle.

Tackleitwithtonya says:

Hi Jen. I would like to see how you pack your car for a road trip. I don’t recall seeing one like that.


okbookgirl says:

What happened to the frisbee? It was there when you packed at home, gone when you opened it at the hotel, then back when you opened it at home.

Sarah Humbug says:

I love your videos! You are such a doll 😀 

BiancieJelle says:

For travelling, especially international, I would definitely put the zippers in the lock and than lock the bag that way. The way you did it now, it is still open to everyone, doing it the other way with the TSA approved lock, your stuff is a lot safer. Nice bag!

Laura L Vegan says:

Too bad they’re not offering this case any longer.  I really liked it.  I, for one, enjoy your packing/travel videos.  You gave me some good ideas on packing.  P.S.  Happy Belated Birthday to your furry baby….Winnie.  <3

Paula Jones says:

Why do you taunt your poor dog with your suitcase when she doesn’t like you going away? That’s appalling behaviour. Dogs suffer from separation anxiety, she has a bad association with that case.

Francesca says:

Are you visiting Rome on your trip to Italy? I go to college there 🙂 

Tonya Bynum says:

Thank you for sharing , I love your vlog’s!! Many Blessing’s keep em’ coming.

Starla Eggli says:

I love all your packing videos.  With a family of 7 these work great.  Love the packing cubes.  Those are a great idea.

Keepcalmandlaughofte says:

Your videos are fabulous! You have such great packing and organization tips! Love them 🙂

Lynda Ennis says:

Great video thanks for the review.

Kiki Doll says:

Thanks for the review. btw You look great Jen. I love your tan 🙂 How are you maintaining it? 

Molly McKenzie says:

Can you do a house tour?

Miriam Sokora says:

You shouldn’t really check hard sided luggage. The people who put your bags on the plane throw them around, and with movement from turbulence they often crack.

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