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My 7+ years of travel luggage and backpacks, reviews, pros and cons thoughts and opinions.

Billabong Large Luggage:
Yellow SuitSuit:
Light blue Heys Luggage:

*Ariel 65 Backpacking Backpack:
*Far point 70 Backpack:

SuitSuit Blue Carry-on
*AWAY Luggage Case:
*BlueSmart Smart Luggage: – Save $40

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Patrick Cruz says:

You should not buy any more bags. Yikes

Lindsey Doyle says:

What bag would you recommend for a 6night beach vacation

Whitney Larsen says:

It looks like you’ve left a lot of the barcodes on your checked luggage bags from previous flights. Has your luggage ever been lost by the airlines?

hydragnb says:

Do those locks really make them secure, though? There’s a video on youtube of how to bust open the zipper on a suitcase just using a pen and then adjust the zipper to reseal it so there’s no evidence of tampering left behind. But it’s so impossible to find anything but zippered luggage these days!

Becky Jambaro says:

I love your channel!! <3 <3 <3 you're awesome!

Paloma del mar Figueroa says:

Far point 70 Backpack small/medium or medium/large? I’m going to Europe for a month.


Alkmini loukoumoskoni says:

hey amazing Nadine!
Could you please do a “how to pack” video about cold destinations with a carry-on luggage
thanks, you are my pack and hack hero

Rebekah Gonzalez says:

I want to take a carry on through Europe for 2 months. Would you recommend a backpack or rolling luggage? We will be using trains and plans within Europe and moving around every few days.

Zimran says:

Do you have smart luggage?

Will Hobbs says:

please do the daybag video 🙂

ManyMuses says:

I would like to see a day bag collection and what you look into when looking for a daybag

Miss Deegee says:

very helpfull, thank you !

Khariza Estacio says:

Question about the Away luggage. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while, but read some reviews about issues checking the bag in because of the battery. Have you checked in the carry on before and if so, have you had issues?

Sma11vi11e153 says:

Hey Nadine!
I’ll be embarking on a 10 month trip to several different countries. I was wondering if you had any advice on what to do for phone service/ if you think it’s necessary in the first place. Thanks!

thepets107 says:

Don’t buy locks for your bag

Briana Hendricks says:

Day and camera bag collection!! I’ve actually been waiting to see your collection for years!!

AcousticChick16 says:

Hi Nadine, can you please make a video on post-travel depression? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Simeon Rego says:

my first luggage was an island picture on my hard case suitcase

Kemille Greene says:

I really like your videos. Thanks!

Angel Lin 22 says:

If I have a good quality Columbia gym/travel bag, can I use it for a sleep away camp(there are buildings that we sleep in)?

Jodes G says:

Please do a day bag collection review.

LPS Galaxy Films says:

My first piece of luggage was my grey hard case that holds 24k but alone its not so heavy and it has a lock and a clear handle (impossible to lose)

Eylene Gettel says:

Hi Nadine, My daughter and I are going on a 6 month trip to South America, starting in Peru. We will be doing day trip hiking not big backpacking trips. We are trying decide between a carryon luggage or a backpack. What do you suggest?

MyLifeAsLouis says:

I love my Herschel backpack but yeah it only has an upper string to lock it & it difficult to reach stuff that is buried deep inside.

Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer says:

How many pounds can a carry on bag be for international travel. Keep in mind I won’t know which airlines or which countries we will be traveling. It will be a wide range. So I want to make srue I keep the weight down low enough that will be OK on ANY airline. Thank you to anyone who can answer this. Thank you 🙂 Melody

Simeon Rego says:

one of my 15 suitcases are 35 to 40 inches long

Add Me Dobbynsamxbox360 says:

I love luggage

Young Alwyn says:

Conventional two-wheeled luggage is generally more practical than the new, trendy four-wheeled roller luggage. (Think: traveling over rough surfaces.) Regarding suitcase closures and security, remember the old adage that “locks are for keeping honest people away”, and most zipper closures can be defeated by striking with a ball-point pen. For weather resistance, hard-sided cases are not enough. The only way to protect against water incursion is with gasket-type seals, such as found on high-end Halliburton and Pelican cases.

Becky Jambaro says:

black bag lives matter!

Mammal Pack says:

Oh the horde of travel equipment that always builds up

Carol Taylor says:

l have to admit, l too have a collection of bags building…last trip l used a knapsack styled soft walled bag that was good, lightweight and allowed me to pack a lot of stuff in but man it got awkward to transport, specially when maneuvering through tube stations in London and no elevators to access different levels…. in the end some nice young lad assisted me to carry my big bag up a flight of stairs..part of my struggle was that l had the large bag, a duffle bag a knapsack/handbag and a carry-on bag…l so want to travel lighter next trip…will be some practice runs between now and then…

Lloyd Edwards says:

send one to Jamaica flat rocks for January 1st and the blue one

Simeon Rego says:

can I borrow the billabong bag

melb00m21 says:

I’m surprised that after such a lot of traveling experience you keep buying and throwing away these cheap bags. The backpacks are okay, but for bags, try getting one quality bag for each, carry-on and checked. I have a Briggs & Riley carry-on and a Rimowa Polycarbonate bag, and they are both quality products with excellent warranty. In the long run they’re also cheaper and way more eco-friendly than buying cheap stuff over and over again.

Designing Life says:

I get scared of getting my bags lost… if I can carry it on my back (cause i dont like wheels) and it fits in the overhead compartment then its good to go… although now I have a carry on and a smaller bag.

mmminoya says:

Is the Farpoint 70 carry-on sized?

Ariel M says:

Hey Nadine 😉
I love your channel and watched many of your videos in preparation for my first backpacking trip last year (to Thailand). I am about to go to Europe for 6 weeks and I’m getting a new backpack that is front-opening. I am between the Osprey Farpoint and the Osprey Ariel (which not opens at the front). Would you recommend the Ariel that opens at the front over the Farpoint?

PiranhaJaw22 says:

i felt like a real airhead listening to this lady

David Beas says:

All of these bags are the cheapest stuff you can possibly buy, with the exception of that Billabong bag. Never buy any of them, they are trash lol. I don’t know which planet has airlines with 50 kg grams as standard, but it’s almost always 23 kg or less (50 pounds or less) Buy one that comes with a 10 year+ warrantee. When you look for a hardshell, make sure it is 100% Polycarbonate. When you look for a softshell, make sure it is 100% nylon. Thats a good place to start. Ideally a softshell is better for checked baggage, because they are going to be thrown around as a generally rule by the airlines, and hardshell bags are much easier to dent/scratch/crack over time.

Read this instead of watching this video and you will be much better off, this girl hasn’t learned much about luggage 🙁

Linda voytovech says:

Thanks for your great tips, I was looking to buy a new suitcase but did not know which one-
And your guidance helped make my decision! Linda, Toronto, Canada

Zafioni says:

I’m a little confused about smart bags? Can you track them? Or do they simply come with a USB port?

Josie Days says:

I’m going to be traveling a lot this year. Have been looking at luggage for a week now, this is the most informative video! Thank you so much!

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