Miller X-treme 12VS Suitcase Welder Review


The Metal Butcher says:

Can the power be provided from a stick welder?

SV Seeker says:

@261Honda I’ll keep that in mind next time I have to go to the hospital. 🙂

George Ray says:

Very helpful, thanks!!

rickp556 says:

Doug! your wife knows more about welding and everything else than I do! LOL! where did find such a Jewel?

SV Seeker says:

@submarineboat …took one more delay to build Argonaut Jr. (not everyday you have 5 tons of lead laying around). Now we’ve sold the subs and are full time on the sailboat. I’ll never be a Marine Biologist, but it will be fun to give some of them rides.

SV Seeker says:

@theman4130 Me too. Been dragging it around all week, even for little stuff that I would normally switch to stick to do. 🙂

jim horel says:

nice tool . well that’s it i have watched everyone of you’re videos loved them all hope to see some more very informative and well done thank you

261Honda says:

haha 9% in Ontario the hst is 13%

chidozie I chidozie says:

can you tell me where you bought the Miller suitcase x treme 12vs with extra gun
I can’t get name of the place you bought right . can you post the name thank you

SV Seeker says:

Cool. I love ours. Only thing I’m going to add is brass feet that are connected to the ground cable. It’s a waste of time to mess with the ground cable when the box is almost always sitting on the steel.

John Doe says:

thanks again.

SV Seeker says:

@eatmycakeshow Thanks — I hate bashing my Cobramatic, but this Miller X-treme sure beats it hands down for what we are doing.

The Emporium Outdoors says:

I used to repair those units, they are very simple and work with most equipment. It basically just relays the current via a contactor and if fitted gas flow via a solenoid. The power source needs provide an open circuit voltage to power the unit and most do or can be made to. CC/CV may also be an issue if the power source can’t select these modes.

1DIYGuy says:

Check with Miller welding to be sure it will mate to your DC welder. I made the costly mistake of getting one w/ CO2 etc…After many problems Miller stated I should have called the manufacture 1st not the local salesman. Remember the saying ” Some learn from the mistakes of others. Some have to pee on the electric fence themselves.”

chidozie I chidozie says:

can someone tell me the name of the place he bought this welder is it Radialark or redialarch

theman4130 says:

We use the digital version at the shipyard. I love it! Smooth, easy to use, and less maintenance problems.

SV Seeker says:

@joelalay1 I don’t know. I’d guess that the drive motor might pull about 4 to 5 amps.

SV Seeker says:

That’s a shame. I would have never considered that to be an issue. My DC power is a Lincoln Invertec 300 and all it does is supply the juice. It does have a Remote switch that tells the welder to simply keep the power on all the time. What DC power supply to you have that did not work?

Bobby Horn says:

Does welding outside affect the gas shielding was what I was wondering about. Thanks for responding so quick.

Kay Jackson says:

Thanks for the info!

SV Seeker says:

Yes, still in Tulsa, and yes, the no-gas-flux-core I have calls for positive lead connected to the ground and negative to the gun. I think it depends on the specific wire, but you can ask the welding store to look it up or you can look it up online.

chidozie I chidozie says:

is it radial ark or redial ach or what?

Roberto Rodriguez says:

which one do you consider the best MILLER X-TREME 12VS SUITCASE  OR MULTIMATIC 200

Keith Fenner says:

Looks like a sweet package to me, like the quick connects, to boggie out, if weather or some other reason you need to move quick…

Piccolo_sun says:


Joel Alay says:

How many amps works the suitcase my friend.

Bobby Horn says:

Ok thanks I’m going to be welding grouser bar on my JD 650 dozer. Thanks again.

Bobby Horn says:

How does that dual shield wire do with the gas outside with the wind blowing do you have to shield it from the wind I’m lookin in to buying one for my service truck to run on my 325 miller.

John Doe says:

are you guys still in Tulsa? I bought one of these 12vs welder and I need a little advise. I am running a gasless flux core gun. don’t I have to reverse the leads from positive to negative? Let me know. thanks.

Joel Alay says:

Buena makina my friend.

SV Seeker says:

@porpoisefathom We both grew up in Brownsville Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist but Computer Science paid better. Started building our 1st submarine with the intention of moving to FL with it, but we were visited by some guy who’s name I can’t remember who wanted to look at welding for a sailboat he wanted to launch from the Port of Tulsa. That idea grew on us and we built the house, shop and started collecting tools and materials in 2006….

SV Seeker says:

@KEF791 And I can drag it too; but this is Oklahoma, we never have bad weather. Always sunny and warm here. 🙂

MadMetalManiac74 says:

Great review. Nice to see a video that’s not from miller on these. There’s not too many of them. I have the remote control version and there ain’t one single video review on YouTube about it.

Those air couplers will leak eventually. They make couplers rated for welding gas that won’t leak.

The benard that it comes with is a better torch. Rated for higer Amps. Has a better desigbed tip and gas cup. I think the parts aren’t too bad to fin online or from your local welding rep.

Kay Jackson says:

Glad to be of help!

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