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I found myself with three of the most popular luggage brands at the moment so I decided to do a quick review of them. Can you guess which one’s my favorite?

Calpak –
Away (Get $20 Off!) –
Raden –

UPDATE: One of my viewers commented below to let me know that the Away battery can now be popped out instead of having to use a screwdriver. Even better!





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Nasty forYou says:

Dump your boyfriend, I’ll get you a Louie and fly us to Barbados next weekend…

Amy Phan says:

Thanks for the thorough review 🙂

StarfleetOfficer Danielle says:

Thank you for the well thought out reviews! It make my decision easier!

S ANGELI says:

I was choosing between the Raden and the Away suitcase sets. But I purchased the CalPak instead because it does seem a bit more thought out for convenience than luxury. We live in the city as well and traveling with a toddler Ill need reliable luggage without the extras. I’ll be going out of the country with my 4 yr old for the 1st time and I need the trip to be as hassle-free as possible. Thanks for your helpful review!

Laurie Mosher-Paulin says:

Great review! I’m traveling to Australia and durable luggage is imperative. I find the handle quality varies greatly in quality. How is the Calpak handle?

Gen Smiley says:

Thanks for posting this review. I found it more helpful than any of the other carry-on, hard-sided, luggage reviews out there! There seems to be a suspicious amount of videos out there right now, all raving about the Away, and for me, I don’t see it being worth the price. I really appreciated how you broke it down in very practical terms too.

Cindy Passamentt says:

Thank you for being the only review i can find !!! Is the calpak heavy or light ? Also soft shell or hard shell

Trent Gilliam says:

Is that Away carry on an older model? The current Away bags battery pack goes in and out by spring tension. You just press in and it pops in/out. So when you store your bag in the overhead you just press the battery pack out to use in flight. No screwdriver needed. You don’t even have to open the suitcase. Great review by the way.

Jihua Liu says:

Thank you so much , i think ur review is amount the best out there for carryon luggage, answered a lot of my questions

Yara Weber de Santana says:

Thank you for the great review!! I’ve been looking to purchase a more high-quality luggage than the one I have now, and you’re the first person that has mentioned all the qualities/ features that I was looking for!!
I’ve been seeing Calpak around for a while and now I’m convinced it’s the best fit for me.

Thank you again for the great, thorough and detailed review!!

Kennedy Rosehart says:

I am doing a lot of traveling soon and this was so helpful! Thank you!

brittney arrington says:

Does the calpak fit inside the over head bins easily? When I looked at the dimensions one of the sides is half an inch bigger than the size requirements for delta airlines. Just want to check that you haven’t had any problems with the size and traveling with it before I purchase it!

Wasabi Turtles says:

Thanks for the review! Really helped me choose the Calpak!!

Pamela Fairley says:

Thanks I’ve been eyeing the away bag and needed an in-depth review!

magicallydevious says:

This was so helpful! Thank you for the review!!

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