International Packing in AWAY The Bigger Carry On | 10 Days in Italy! | This or That

Are you in the market for smart, carry on luggage that packs a punch? (See what I did there?) Watch me pack for 10 days in the Bigger Carry On sized luggage from the AWAY brand. This size fits *most* overhead bins, has a convenient phone charging feature, and has the hard outer shell to keep your belongings safe and sound.

They let you try the luggage for 100 days. If you are disappointed (you won’t be, promise), you can send it back no questions asked. What are you waiting for?!

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MarleyThePuggle says:

Packing cubes are absolutely the only way we pack you should give them ago especially if you travel a lot & roll your clothes as this also helps with reducing wrinkles.
Another tip if you don’t want to use packing cubes put your underwear & socks in the bottom of ur bag to fill in around the handle areas the it flat to put clothes on top. Happy travels ✈️

Aquib Khan says:

very nice idea

kaia naturals says:

This is so satisfying to watch haha!

Kris Bragg says:

I would have packed comfortable shorts. Lol but at my age I am all about comfort. ☺️

marie L says:

Where is the video about the toiletries bag? What about the restrictions on liquids? Sunscreen?

Audrey Armstrong says:

So glad to see another Away packing video! Especially in the Bigger Carry-On! I’m going on a 10-day trip to Hawaii so the video gave me a good idea how much could fit for 10 days.

Samantha G says:

Loved this video because I am doing the exact same thing in about 3 weeks! 8 days in Italy and planning on using my new bigger carry on!

Chrissy Rasmussen says:

I think my comment on asking you to compare the large carry-on and the normal carry-on bag, would fit here on this video 🙂 I would love it if you would compare the two, and of the two which on you recommend! Love you!

Mimi Me says:

How did it fit in the overhead compartment for the international flight with the suitcase?

Mary Hein says:

That suitcase looks to big for carry on, What are it’s dimensions? Also, Aren’t there some liquids in your toiletry bag that aren’t in a see-through 1 qt zip lock?

itssugarfree says:

7 kg limit for carry on…no way this is within the weight limit…and I could easily pack half those clothes for a 10 day trip.

Christine Brown says:

Have you ever considered stuffing your socks into your shoes to save space?

Mich Person says:

I am impressed! But I have to ask how much did that all weigh. I have to weight mine it’s way too easy to go over the limits. Another suggestion that has worked well for me are the space bags. I get a little uncomfortable think there might be bugs so the bags are also nice in that way. I really like the dirty close bag idea too. I just used a trash bag because it doesn’t take up much space. Have a great adventure!

victoria caropreso says:

Which Airline did you take for your trip to Italy? I want to buy the larger Carry-on but I am nervous that they will make me check it? Were you able to actually carry it on and onto the over head compartment?

Brooke Sosa says:

Have fun!

Teila Boston says:

I was looking at this bag for my trip to Italy in a couple of months, so I’m glad to know that you didn’t have issues with the size.

A Swig of Titi says:

Omg! One of the best packing videos everrrrr❤ I had to Subscribe

Kanesha Howard says:

Can I ask, why don’t you use packing cubes?

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