How to Pick the Perfect Carry On Luggage | Travel Tips

Picking the perfect carry on luggage is hard. We make it easy by sharing our 7 Best Carry On Bags with pros and cons for each. Backpacks vs. Roller Bags.


Away The Carry-On:
Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 30L:
Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 45L:
Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 60L:
Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 90L:
Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 120L:
Herschel The Novel:
Patagonia MLC:
F-Stop Tilopa:


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M Ali says:

Alex is hot

Laxus Maximus says:

Marko? Do you have Croatian roots? 😀

Cabin Luggage says:

Great video – there’s nothing better than not having to check in luggage – its even better at the other end not having to wait for it to be unloaded. Thanks for posting

Out of Seven says:

Wish app is just of bunch of cheaply made junk. Stop buying this. Invent in a garden 🙂

MrJihadkoplo says:

duffel bag is for ancient time…

eddyvideostar says:


koolever3 says:

Pacsafe 45L venturesafe had every concern covered. My wife and I did Europe for 2 weeks and had no problems leaving it locked up anywhere. Look it up.

Maz Dela Cerna says:

Thanks so much for posting 🙂

TheLotusrising says:

You guys are so much fun to watch , thanks for the spectrum of luggage, going to check out the Patagonia MLC, you guys should check out the Professional Weekender at eBags for your next review. Ps. OMG, clicked your packing video and you guys look so young and I am sure you hear this often but your eyes are amazing 🙂

Eliza K says:

Flew with EasyJet from Prague to Amsterdam yesterday. Everyone had a roller bag that had to go into the overhead compartments which meant that I had to put my backpack under the seat in front of me (with my jacket and vest) which left me with no room for my legs so please stop recommending to people to take more stuff as carry on luggage – it’s very annoying for your fellow travelers!!! 😉

Brendahayz Pxh says:

that bluesmart luggage looks so cool

90FUN says:

very helpful tips, thanks a lot.

Nikola Jovanovic says:

check this great guide on how to Book $1,000 Flights for $20

Melinda Warren says:

That beard and mustache has aged Marco about 10 years….unless he is in his 40’s….lol

Stella Bella says:

I feel like as much fun as it would be to travel with my siblings, after a couple of hours we would already be coming up with creative ways to kill each other.

Fu Talks says:

Yaay another vagabrothers video 🙂

markucije says:

Fuckin’ Imperial system.. Hallooooo, you tube is not only america!!!! U can put measures in metric system too. Thank you.

Frances Andrews says:

Hubby & 1 are going away for 4 nights to Rome – we have to take travel bags with everything- which travel luggage would recommend pls x many thanks x (we are in England x)

Health By Napoli says:

trying to do carry on for two weeks in Asia!!! So hard to pack 😛

Kristofferson says:

How much did Away pay you?

Global Rookie says:

If you like to travel with only a carry on, did you ever get so much from your trip that you had to buy an extra bag to fit all in?

ramya ramaswamy says:

Hey guys! Tula Mumbai var barosa nai ka? Nai chalel! Tu majhya barobar zingat gaane var nach.

Mark Doyle says:

I will be travelling to the Philippines ibn a few months fom Australia, i have been looking at luggage ,what do you know aboutLanza brand there is is a value for money deal with them. Do anyone know if they are any good .i am only a occasional traveller. twice a year at most.

Miss Meguin says:

2:58 I don’t know why that made me laugh so much!

Lauren Schwartz says:

What is your favorite Carry-on bag that is less than $200?

Johnny G says:

Soft bags are the best so you can squeeze it into the limited space you have due to every prick taking large bags as carry on. selfish cheap arse pricks hope it falls out of the bin and breaks your necks.

Kavita Samadi says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Robert Williamson says:

I went from a 45 – 48 litre MEI Voyageur  to a 35 litre Minaal 2.0      Now I can carry on all the time.  No more baggage charges, no more waiting at carousels. Used it for more than two months travel in southeast Asia.  I love it.    One bag carry on mimimalist travel.

parin shah says:

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ricodemarco says:

TSA will not allow “smart luggage” if the battery can’t be removed

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