How to Pack Efficiently + Away Luggage Review! | Ingrid Nilsen

Here’s how I pack for short + long trips! I also reviewed my new Away luggage! Happy packing 🙂

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Zoe McGinnis says:

You should do a packing video for road trips

Abigail Lackey says:

Your packing videos are always soooo satisfying!

Silje Alice says:

I got a lot of great packing tips + those packing cubes are amazing! 😀

Heather Halstead says:

Hi Ingrid 🙂 I’ve been loving your videos! You have such an calming and soothing voice, love your content, especially your Mornimg routines and tips for doing things such as sleeping better. Can you please tell me what the style: brand of the black kitten heels, they’re adorable!! Please and thank you!

Stella Choi says:

What is the name of the straightener/curler in this video?

Backbends1234 says:

Can u plz do like packing tips and a updated travel routine that would be nuce

Marie's Beauty & Vlog says:

Okay I have a few questions regarding packing. I know there is a 3 to 1 rule or something, for liquids. I know they have to be small liquids and to 1 clear bag. Does that mean you can’t pack 2 liquids bags? And if so, what if you run out of shampoo on a cruise after you flown to your cruise departure destination?

Morpheus Art Studio says:

This video is a commercial…what a waste of time

Megan W. says:

Thank you so much for adding the review of Away luggage! I’m looking for a new carry-on suitcase and I was interested in Away. This is very helpful and it’s true that there aren’t many videos about them online. This was a very helpful video too (I’m such an overpacker) thank you x

ColombyGirls13 says:

Am I the only one who actually packs specific outfits for each day?? I always do that when I travel rather than packing random clothes and trying to mix and match after

Tina Miller says:

Hi Ingrid – I don’t know if you will see this or maybe an assistant…but man am I upset with YouTube! I don’t know when it happened but I used to be a long-time subscriber (I honestly don’t remember how long ago I found you) and just recently realized that I am no longer subscribed!! (sad face)
I had been seeing your videos here and there because I love travel/beauty/lifestyle videos and well…duh. However, I didn’t notice until today that I am no longer subscribed. I immediately remedied that and now receive ALL updates as well but man, as much as I adore YouTube, they are testing me!! Don’t mess with my Ingrid subscription YouTube! Just don’t do it!

전예지 says:

Thanks a bunch for useful tips!!! love this 🙂

Aeare says:

Would love to be able to afford that kind of luggage. Almost 700 bucks for the set… That’s crazy.

Abigail Lackey says:

Thank you for separating your shoes from your clothes. It bugs me to no end when people just throw their dirty shoes in with their clothes, hahaha! 😛

Dee MS says:

What is the brand of sneakers you take as your plane outfit? By the way I love your videos.

angelaheyhello says:

I would LOVE a video all about your favorite luggages/bags/cubes/cosmetic cases etc for traveling (both higher and and affordable alternatives)!

Sarah Beth Boyett says:

Where did you get your shirt you have on in this video?

Megan x says:

Oooo yyyaaaaasssssss, I searched up “packing with Ingrid” to watch your older vids on packing, the I saw this. Ps I’m going to Africa in a week so that why I’m watching it 🙂

Caroline C says:

Great video ! I’m going to pack tomorrow so the timing is perfect !

Kelsey Vandercoy says:

Does anybody know where to buy those packing cubes she used? I like how the one had dual sides

nadia peer says:

a note on the tsa lock. it (and any other tsa lock) will only be useful in terms of airport security in the u.s. as other countries won’t have that universal lock (tsa is a u.s. organisation). the lock may be helpful outside of an airport though.

Lauren Hernandez says:

This was super helpful! Im heading to spain next week and need new luggage!

Amy Way says:

I just got back from two and a half weeks in the UK and Ireland. Packing cubes are the best – I found mine on Ebay for a really good price. My advice is to roll your clothes, not fold them. Saved me SO much space!

Lasha Leck says:

What brand are your packing cubes?!

Julia Hagman says:

Hi Ingrid! i love your videos they always make me really happy. Keep doing what you do.
You rock!

Arya Dröttningu says:

Omg. The anxiety I have over just traveling with a carry-on. All of the liquids in a bag and worrying if lipstick counts as liquid and suddenly wondering if I can bring my flame thrower. What am I gonna do about my chainsaw tho?

blogistuff says:

Why …..just why
Ingrid hit 4 million a long time ago and now she is not gonna hit it again
she keeps losing subs …and it’s not like she stopped making vids
and when she doesn’t always do Sponsored videos
and when she does she gives her honest opinion and she only does sponsorship with companies she agrees with
ingrid is amazing….she should have 4 million

Malvavisco says:

I wouldn’t worry about scuffs/scratches. It means you’ve gone on an adventure! It’s virtually impossible for luggage to remain pristine.

Dovenflight says:

Try a cover to prevent wear and tear

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