How To Choose Luggage for Your Next Trip


dantheglassman642004 says:

All of this ..pockets, and the mesh, and the zippers, and the material means nothing if it doesn’t roll well, or the wheels are crap after one trip. How about the ape baggage handler?
Can you replace the wheels? are they on bearings? No
Are they the size of a quarter? Yes.
That means like ALL baggage I have seen…they……well,… are bad.

JuliuszP says:

what store is this?

saidas108 says:

Don’t confuse this TravelPro line with the TravelPro Crew4 line. The former isn’t as well made and is for consumers and the latter is what flight crews actually use. The former is a little prettier but not nearly as durable.

Hideo Wakamatsu Luggage, Suitcases, Carry On Luggage, Stylish Bags says:

Hideo Wakamatsu for quality Japanese Luggage.

Smithpolly says:

@oOangelinheavenOo To be fair, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and his points seemed valid. Plus, he didn’t get insanely overexcited about the cases, like they would on a shopping channel.

The “videos”, I hate are where they show you a screenshot of a movie and then direct you to another site.

mainenwo says:

I just bought the Travelpro business backpack mainly due to this video 🙂

PBS #007 says:

u only allowed 50 lbs what is the weight on your luggage

Milo Capra says:

What store is this

Min says:

i am pretty sure you can’t fit a water bottle on that side pocket.

pavy415 says:

Wow ecko luggage

kevinchungman says:

this guy looks like a very stuck-up person wearing a suit thinking he has a very prestigious job working in a store that sells luggages

oOangelinheavenOo says:

this is teleshopping on youtube. dont know what to think bout it °-°

Terryl says:

does anyone know where i can find the ecko brand luggage? i can’t find it anywhere and i have been searching all over the internet. 

Jacob011 says:

So what should I look for when buying a new piece of luggage? The video doesn’t bother.

Terri S says:

They’re not hinges, but gusseted pockets on the front. Also instead of carrying extra bag on top of rolling luggage, use the add-a-bag strap inside the front pocket. Hanging extra bags down front lowers center of gravity, meaning added weight not felt while you’re pulling the combo.


3:03 I can fit two weeks of things into 1 carry on.

Syed shuja uddin says:

2:37-2:38 dat ass

Osca Alva says:


mj jw says:

These videos are poor. Why are you telling me about some random pocket for a water bottle or how easy it is to open or how the two pieces fit together? The very first thing you should be telling me are the dimensions. No mention of this whatsoever. Both pieces in the first half of the clip are presented as carry on but if they are the wrong dimensions for the carrier I am choosing they will be checked into the hold whether I like it or not.

arseniclullaby87 says:

That’s the STEVE COOK theme music lolol

YourTravelHub says:

All very useful information. Bottom line is to be sure that it not only suits your purpose but also is lightweight and strong. Airlines are getting tough on overweight and oversize luggage. Plus they are becoming more strict with carry-ons.

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