I NEVER WANT TO TOTALLY BASH A BRAND, but Calpak has bashed themselves. From poor customer service to a poor quality product, I will NEVER buy Calpak again. I am so disappointed with the fact that I now have to throw away this huge piece of plastic trash after less than a year of use. I guess you get what you pay for in this regard.
Please let me know if you have a luggage brand you LOVE in the comments! I obviously need recommendations.

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deerosas1 says:

lol I love the beginning of the video…. Thanks for the honest review not many YouTubers give honest reviews very much appreciate the video

purplecupcakexo says:

Wow, that luggage really is in rough shape.

Astar Godfrey says:

Hi I just found your channel and I decided to check this video already knowing that this brand is crap. Thanks for your honest review. Try Bric, Bloomingdales sell them.

Amanda Hartsock says:

Review away travel luggage. They have great reviews and they stand behind their company

Alya Francis says:

You are perfect♥️♥️♥️

Shelby R. Snow says:

It sucks that that happened!! You are killing it in this video though! Gorgeous!

Allthingsjewels says:

Try the brand IT sold at Nordstrom rack

Adier Kwai says:

My Calpak wheel came off first time using it

Skrip says:

I usually buy new luggage after 3-4 trips anyhow

Allison Duke says:

So have you found a new brand? I’m trying to find a set for a trip coming up.

Nahlatertho - says:

First ayeee

ModelMaterial09 says:

I cosign on this! I bought the Ambeur Rose Gold set about 1.5 months ago and both the large suitcase and the carry on suitcase are so badly scratched, after using them for a total of like 4 trips, combined. Horrible.

chris Allen says:

Oh. Em. Gee!!!! I am so glad I happened upon this video while looking for reviews. I have about $500 worth of Calpack luggage in my shopping cart and was JUST about to pull the trigger! I fell head over heels in love with the vintage “trunk” style set and was going to get the laptop backpack to go with. Oh, and the power luggage tags. That’s a lot of product…but now I’m reconsidering ALL of it. I travel a LOT for work and check luggage about 40 percent of the time, so I can’t afford to have my pieces falling apart mid trip. I don’t actually need new luggage…I’m kind of addicted to the stuff, so I can definitely wait and do more research. The pictures speak for themselves, though. In all my years of travel, I have NEVER had a piece break apart the way yours has. Never. I would be livid!

And by the way, you really shouldn’t feel bad about returning this set to Nordstrom. That’s why they have such a generous return policy, so you can feel secure in making a purchase from them instead of…say, Calpack.com! I’d me mad if a suitcase fell apart after a few years of moderate travel, let alone a few months. This is exactly the situation that the Nordstrom return policy is designed for. Please don’t take this loss if you don’t have to.

Thank you so much for this very illuminating review.

backtosleepagain says:

Did you get any DM about the smallest one? Because I heard a lot of bad stuff about the biggest one only so far and I’m reallyyy digging the design :(((

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