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For decades, not much has changed in the luggage world… first we had heavy leather bags and cases and you needed a cart for them. Then came the advent of wheeled luggage.. and spinners… now, there is something new in suitcases… this is G-Ro.

I had a chance to test and review one of the carry-on size bags on a recent trip.

G-Ro is a soft sided suitcase. The big difference with it is the wheels. The wheels on this suitcase are bigger, they’re more rugged, they’re on the side of the bag, not the bottom and they’re designed to make the case easier to pull and easier to navigate obstacles like stairs and bumpy terrain.

The other big feature that sets this suitcase apart from basic baggage is the built-in charging.

The charging unit is a separate power bank, which can easily be removed if your airline has any problems with it.

This is gaining importance particularly since some airlines have elected to ban smart charging suitcases if the batteries cannot be removed.

I believe the logic is that if a battery caught fire in the cabin, it could, in theory, be put out by flight attendants. Whereas in the cargo, no one’s gonna catch it until it really starts a midair burn.

The G-Ro battery pack is simple to remove, even when the bag is packed, which sets it apart from some smart charging bags where the battery is screwed into the bag’s frame.

The telescoping handle on the G-Ro bag is very light, smooth and easy to operate. It’s wider than average, and has three stops so you can use it as short or as long as you need.

On the outside of the bag is a range of different pockets.

On the front, there’s three pockets of varying sizes and depths. One small shallow pocket on the top front, a larger pocket below, and then in behind a massive and deep pocket with pouches for the removable battery pack plus a laptop/tablet sleeve. This is where you can also get access to the cords and cabling for charging gadgets while they’re inside your bag.

Then on the back, there’s another two smaller pockets between the handle rails that’s the perfect size for quick access to your phone, wallet and travel documents.

On the inside, the bag is vastly different from other suitcases too. It features one large compartment, not two halves. While this makes the storage space seem bigger, it does pose a packing challenge. Where two halves of a suitcase offer you the ability to pack in two layers, with G-Ro you need to pile everything on top of itself.

While admittedly this is not what I’m used to, I think it’s fine if you’re going to a destination and staying put, whereas if you’re needing to get in and out of your bag and access your stuff a lot, you might feel like you’re always digging for what you want.

The wheels on the G-Ro suitcase are big and rugged and definitely make the bag feel easier to pull.

I was concerned I’d lose some maneuverability with the G-Ro that comes from spinner bags. Not so. The bag is easy to pull and turn and though it does lack some sharp cornering ability, I found it quite easy to get around with. I didn’t miss spinner wheels when using the G-Ro.

There’s a lot to love about G-Ro. The smart charging is great, and the fact the battery pack is so easy to remove mans that if you do run into trouble with airline security, it’s an easy problem to solve. The wheels definitely make the suitcase easy to roll and pull and I love the array of pockets.

If there’s anything I didn’t like, it was the single inside compartment design. I find it challenging to pack. I most often take only a carry-on when I travel, so my clothing, shoes and toiletries all need to fit inside. When I packed this bag, it only had room for my clothes in the main compartment, and that’s even with them all packed into a compression sack. There was no space for shoes or other stuff. I’ll take this bag on another trip and get creative with my packing in order to see if I can adapt. I’d say I was able to fit far less in this bag that in the last smart suitcase I tried, Away. Read that review here.

Overall I really like the smart features of the G-Ro bag. I just feel like I can’t get as much into it as I can in other bags, but I’m also a heavy and determined carry-on packer.

G-Ro’s carry-on suitcase sells for $399USD on G-Ro’s website.


Darren D says:

Great stuff again erin, i only wished i travelled anywhere,lol

Alex Little says:

Lovely! I will look into buying this bag as I travel often & could really do with the charging ports!. Thanks

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