Do Not Buy Smart Luggage

I got this futuristic Bluesmart smart luggage for $400, and when I fly through airports TSA thinks the smart suitcase is a bomb or explosive. So is this new tech innovation like Trunkster – and is it worth it the money? ►►Get Subscribed ►►

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Don’t waste $400 on this crap, but if you want it for some reason…Buy the Bluesmart –


TechSmartt makes videos showcasing the coolest tech around. Yeah, that sounds like my mom wrote that first part, but really I find the coolest tech that exists. From overpriced headphones to showing off tech that somehow exists in this world.

Thanks to Josh David for all the help as well 😉


Teresa Hobby says:

HNL (When you’re riding the suitcase it looks like Terminal 4-AAL at LAX)

X Bellzy says:

I much prefer Keaton

simlarry100 says:

Best review I’ve seen (for anything) in a long time…. great job!

Erika Salcedo says:

I got two Bluesmarts LOL

Tommaso Valenzano says:

Nice video.. agree

trumps butt says:


Amelie Chen says:

That kick though lol

Andrew Strauss says:

What about the TravelMate smart suitcase?

Parrot Brand says:

Blue Smart for not so smart buyers

Unity Fusion says:

Why did somebody else and not Keaton be the reviewer in this video

pedrismo says:

típico pelotudo yankee que cree que se las sabe todas, un boludo atomico en resumidas cuentas, buscate una novia (o una muñeca inflable)

mkrbc 87 says:

I work for an airline. Our planes are always too small for these bags so we tag them and throw them under with the rest of the bags. FAA rules state that you can’t have Lithium Ion batteries in the cargo hold. All that adds up to a potential situation where your carryon bag may not be allowed on a flight. You’re better off to stick with the charger and tile in your backpack

Rylan Scott says:

Honolulu International Airport, (HNL)

Deanne Bugado says:

Honolulu International Airport- Wait it’s name has changed to the Daniel K Inouye International Airports

Theodore Blumberg says:

Thanks, I was thinking of the Smart Luggage for my son! it’s a No Go now.

Lug Net says:


Tango DJ Anthony Cronin says:

Thank you for making me rethink, I nearly went for one of these.

erin green says:


Ligit Gaming // LG says:

2:39 – 2:50 I see WindowsXP in the bottom left hand corner

The Lazy Gamer says:

Although the idea of a smart suitcase sounds stupid and not very useful, we should understand that this is a fairly new piece of technology so we should expect high prices and lots of criticism. Big companies expect a lot of criticism and in just few years they are able to significantly improve their product for much cheaper prices. If enough companies invest on smart suitcases, i bet a lot of people will start using it in the near future

dogryme6 says:

So much for being “smart” luggage…

Austin Anderson says:


Billy Buenafe says:

that built-in battery is a safety threat…. that’s why portable carry on batteries are not checked in but hand carried.

Marc Kuo says:

the only reason why i watched the full video is because i thought he would fall off the smart luggage more or something funny

Daichi Dinh says:


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