Delsey Chatelet Luggage Review

Delsey Chatelet Luggage Review


Winnie Million says:

I am also really interested to know if the case got dirty and if it was easy to clean. I was actually looking to buy this luggage
in the next few days. Hoping you post a follow up video soon 🙂

PopTart Gamer says:

did u get a key with that luggage to open the TSA Lock?

PRicanLover70 says:

Thank you for the review. This suitcase is exactly what I need. It looks very elegant but at the same time strong and very practical. I want mine all black and I will probably call it “Bud.” 🙂

Aimée Leone says:

I watched your video right after purchasing the 28″ and 19″ pieces for our 2nd honeymoon in Italy. Now that it’s nearly here, I watched it again. You gave a demonstration that quiets this uncertain traveler, but your happy attitude is the best feature!

Stephanie Wright says:

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am new to your channel. I have googled and looked all over for an all white classy luggage! I love this one. Are you going to do another video about how easy it is to clean and if it got dirty easily? Thanks xoxo!

Laura Wiedmann says:

How is the white holding up? I want to pair this with my Louis Vuitton bag and I can’t decide between the white and the brown for the life of me! Does the white gets scratched a lot while being checked? I need to get the whole set of three sizes and just want to the make the best decision. My heart is on the white but the brown seems more practical. Thoughts?

1hottiewife says:

Thanks for this review. I went and purchased the black version based on your review.

Cody Vignal says:

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I just bought the 28″ and 24″ white ones for my wife as a surprise. After watching this video, I can tell that she is going to be WOW when she gets them. Also, on another note, you’re so stinkin’ cute! You’re about the cutest bubbliest thing ever! Great video and even better personality!

elizabeth medero says:

It’s a cute suitcase. I’m interested to find out if the white got dirty after 1 flight. I love to unpack right away too. That’s why I use packing cubes. Takes less than a minute to unpack.


+Ruth Shrauner Great review, it would have been perfect if the video was a review/what’s in my luggage. Just interested in the amount of items it will hold.

janaya77 says:

YES!!!! I got the 28 inch version for an upcoming trip to England for several months. when I saw this luggage I was IN LOVE!!! glad to hear she travels well. I have the same style too haha

dedelew1980 says:

You don’t mention it anywhere I your description box: is this video sponsored? Did you receive this product at a discount or free of charge?

carikussy says:

do you have any updates on how this handled after checking it more? you mentioned it cleaned easily, is it still holding up? I am getting two sizes

John Mattes says:

I like you you keep calling your luggage her!!! Now you have me thinking what I should call all my Tumi Luggage

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