Chased by a Robot Suitcase! Airwheel SR5 Auto-Following Luggage Review

I test out futuristic auto-following luggage- it works!

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realbss1 says:

That suitcase appears to be really from outter space … 😀 Even in Shenzen the people seem to be a bit surprised … Thanks for the review !

Ozzvaldo Ivan says:


Gabo Prado says:

She is so hot that even the suitcases are following her

Mohit Kumar says:

holy what will happen if there is not enuf room in lift and dont even get me started on stairs!

steel2040 says:

After watching the video theres only two instances when It had to navigate an obstacle and at both times the camera switched angles so I have a question. How do you feel it negotiated the guy who looked like he was trying to find some sorta cable between you and the case and the stairs. Thank you for this review would of never thought of a auto suitcase and makes me want to design one to carry a game piece of mine to the local game store.

Papepo Mamemo says:

That is so cool. I’m not sure how practical it is but still soo cool. How long does the battery lasts?

hhh zi says:


David Terry says:

I mentioned you in a Linkedin Comment.
We can learn much from China.
Marketing: Lure them in and keep them with superior products and services.
Financial: Multiple streams of income, diversity isn’t a dirty word. Product, IT property, brand name, location, etc.
Research: Look outside your borders. China has many techs that are not allowed or currently imported into the US. A hologram Siri, a droid-suitcase, and many others.
Catchy music starts at 4:11.
Chased by a Robot Suitcase! Airwheel SR5 Auto-Following Luggage Review
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John Carrier says:

Is there any kind of anti theft tech built in? What’s to stop someone from grabbing it when it’s trying to follow you in a crowd?

photocanonn says:

*_Naomi – you are a coolest – and sexiest girl on youtube_*

Roger Chavez says:

The suit case is super cool! What is the battery life?

REASON℠ says:

Pretty cool, but there’s one major problem, and that is PEOPLE, lots of people. In Asia there’s basically nothing but people, at the airports, metros, trains, buses, ferries, cities, malls, parks… everywhere. Even transportation places elsewhere in the world is packed with people, so where am I suppose to get this thing to follow me? Only parking lots and hotels? Its a cool thing, but almost useless. For it to ever have the chance to become the slightest useful it needs to stay right beside or right behind you, not “over there” and get lost in the crowd of people, it needs to react a lot faster.

Patrick Sanchez says:

I wonder if we can see through the point of view of the robot.

I also wonder if you are wearing under that skirt.

Rogelio Perez says:

Buen videos

ez ez says:

i want to be a suitcase following you 😀

John Binuya says:

My kds would enjoy that follow me function a lot.

a1p tv says:

Dear Naomi, you’re cute, suitcase is interesting, good video!

no name x says:

Smart case….. I’d follow her everywhere

Gyigijgiu Ruhtui says:

Sexy girl

gekkokkid says:

not to be a downer but i feel that that suit case is not a good idea, i mean at anygiven moment a devious jerk can just jump in grab it and run easily, sure you might have a traker sure it might be super thight shut.

but think for a moment what if you where in a time limit and you needed to rush somewhere and while the suitcase is following you easily in your rush boom someone steals your suit case, causing you to be late to where you where going and that is a headache no one want to go through with.

my point is that suit case idea is good for travel aslong as is not in a time limit travel.

WindowsEXE says:

I’ve kept noticing you keep adding Amazon UK links. Better than most other creators who just add US links.

Rodney Leonard says:

You should play hide & go seek from it!!!

The JP says:

I knew you through watching serpentza. Subscribed!

Dexter Torillo says:

Inside that suitcase there’s a medium size skirt

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