Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase REVIEW

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– Good build quality, robust and so far has stand up to all the standard handling during travel
– Built in 10000 mAh battery, 10% is reserved for OS and tracking.
– 2 USB port, one inside and one in the back of the luggage
– GPS / 3G tracking so it can report back its location even when not connecting to your phone (on interval)
– Smart lock/unlock base on proximity to your phone.
– Built in scale to weight your luggage, very smart and useful and is accurate.
– Quickly paired to app. Allow adding of flights with updated information.
I did run into one issue with the background location not working, after a replacement and some fixing on Bluesmart side, this is working properly again. They told me a few customers were reporting similar issues.

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Thane R says:

if it is 10,400 mah, and its a 12v battery it cannot be checked on an airplane in the United States. It would only be allowed to be used as a carry on. So dont be surprised if this bag is not allowed to fly or the battery is removed! Chances are slim it will be noticed but dont be mad if you mess up because its not allowed to be used as a carry on bag…

Andrew Peer says:

Yeah I had it ready to buy in amazon and I said, man I don’t know… Then I watched your video and impulsively clicked to buy it in amazon. Thanks for the review.

Emond Doxey says:

Hi, had a question about the zipper line, can people break into it with a pen?

avarmauk says:

Where is your accent from?

G971King says:

Fantastic review!

ibuprofanity says:

I heard “$400 price tag” and I just closed the video lol awesome review tho!

Hazza says:

I used it at an airport then security acted like it was a bomb with wires

Eric Mayo says:

curious, 2017 is the last year I think you can provision 3G modems. I do embedded software/hardware and I work for a company that makes a device with 3G, 4G, and eventually 5G on board modem for telematics. curious how they deal with 3G going away… is there a 4G or 5G upgrade path?

carl moore says:

You’re the only person that gave a clear and sensible review. Thanks Johny.

AmpMan23 says:

Wow digital scale is an awesome bonus feature!

Hermes Test Prep says:

Would an XPS 15 fit in the laptop compartment?

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