BEST LUGGAGE 2019 – Away Luggage Review & Osprey Porter 46L

The best luggage 2019 is going to be the best luggage for YOUR trip. “Best” can mean a lot of things so in this video we dive in to:
1. Luggage Quality
2. The right luggage for your trip
3. The cost of Carry on vs. Checked Luggage

We also explore topics such as hard vs soft sided luggage and should you bring a backpack or a suitcase?

In the video we review:
1. Away carry on suitcase
2. Osprey Porter 46L
3. Away Large Suitcase

Carry-On Restrictions
United: 22”x 14”x 9”
American: 22”x 14”x 9”
Delta: 22”x 14”x 9”
Southwest: 24”x 16x 10”
Spirit: 22”x 18”x 10”
RyanAir: 21.6”x 15.7” x 7.8”

Amazon Basics Digital Luggage Scale:


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thajayz says:

Do you know how often I had to google bags vs airline rules on luggage?! This is a godsend! Thank you!


Nice video

EvilTwin-niwTlivE says:

I came here for Fin’s peekaboo tummy shots.

skittles6699 says:

I smile, I laugh, I enjoy. Pepppuurrr is gonna need to lose weight, and gain weight at mom’s. T an A an P. Love watching your Vids. One thing a 10000Mah battery in a carry on. New to me. I need one.

Traci Morgan says:

thanks for the video, you guys are so cute! I just got the bigger carryon gonna try it out next week =]

Corinne M says:

New video on my birthday?! What a birthday gift! Great video!! BTW first comment 😉

Corinne M says:

Oops sorry Tim I stole the first comment. Your hair it’s changed! I actually didn’t mind the long hair!

Chris 1972 says:

I guess there is one benefit from suffering insomnia. I get to be the first to comment. Really useful and much needed info. My wife was recently asking me about updating our travel luggage. Our Aussie, Miss Kiwi, is really jealous of Pepper, but I told her at 65 lbs. you have to really cut out the dog biskies if you want to travel like Pepper.

Mark Reynolds says:

I miss the RV stuff.

Thien Do says:

I’ve seen wayyy too many Away sponsored videos that I really didn’t get anything out of but your as great! Kudos to you guys

Beverly Steer says:

Tim – the haircut is fabulous! Being a Mom myself got to agree with yours – I tell my kids ( young adults) you get one time for a first impression make it count !

Morgan Harris says:

You make me have buyers remorse with the white one! I went black, but Finn’s right white is so much more atheistic looking!

Riley Stewart says:

I’ve got three cases from Away, the carry on, bigger carry on and medium. When I’ve traveled to LA I’ve been able to swap a damaged suitcase for a new one and they replaced a wheel on one. They are so helpful in store and the best luggage I’ve ever owned.

ttissot says:

Only you guys could make video on luggage and it not be boring. I thought I would only watch a few minutes but ended up watching the whole video. Lol.

ThePeonyB says:

It’s got nothing to do with the video but just wanted to say it: I Love short haired Tim lol!Xx

Alex Winkler says:

My wife and I started watching your videos a few months ago. For Valentine’s Day this year I surprised her with some Tripped travel gear. She surprised me with, you guessed it, some Tripped travel gear! We enjoy watching your videos, keep the good times going!!!

Grant Shepherd says:

Pepper in the luggage, Classic Pepper!

Mia Chen-Albert says:

Love the video! You guys always have great content. Super excited to hear that you will be back in Vietnam in May. My partner and I will be in Vietnam as well at the same time for our first backpacking experience! I watched all of your videos on motorbikes in Vietnam! I just bought a Fairview Osprey 55L travel backpack, hope it will be awesome 🙂

-90% НА ВСЕ ALIEXPRESS - cashbacka•ru says:

Веди себя так, будто ты уже счастлив, и ты действительно станешь счастливее.

m1chael_fye says:

I want to see moooooooooore of you! 🙂 Just got a new Suitcase, but will definitely try the Away Brand.

Arnie Jacobsen says:

Have had my eye on the Away carry-on for some time. Even approached them for a demo for a review. That didn’t happen! Have been looking at Osprey bags, too. Though, the wheeled ones instead of backpack. Our eBags rollaboards are really starting to show their age. Helpful video (always the best comment you can get on a review video, right?).

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