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Wondering whether or not you should invest in THIS smart luggage or THAT smart luggage? Interested in luggage for spring and summer (and lifetime!) travels? Learn more about the AWAY brand in this Brand Rundown!

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Juan Rodriguez says:

I’m ordering the Gift Card one right now! Excellent video! Thanks a lot!

Wanda Yeung says:

Hello, this is nice video and can I use the $20 off link now? seem when I click in, the code did not add it by themselves

MzSCT says:

i love how Candid Camera is a selling point lol…

Dara DT says:

About gift card, can I buy myself a gift card and let them ship it to Asia ? Am in Cambodia.

Kenneth Timms says:

Hey Maggie. Just wanted to say thanks for the review on this product! Even though it was for the Carry On you have convinced to buy the Large Size. Just so you know i am from Australia and have a keen interest in all things related to travel. I am actually coming to America for a month next January so will be using this as my main bag now 🙂 Also great job on the filming of this and other videos. Im a professional videographer here in Australia and run a business related to it and for someone who it seems is just starting out you are doing an awesome job. Really engaging. Keep up the good work and more importantly keep having fun with it 🙂 Cheers, Kenny

Britney Buonpane says:

Hey! Love your video, you convinced me to purchase an AWAY suitcase!! but i tried to use your $20 off link and it didn’t work! is there a code? Thanks 🙂

stan_sprinkle says:

In the US, are you allowed to check bags with batteries in them? Asia (I live in Korea), you’re not allowed. I kinda assumed the US would always be be more strict on this. In Asia I don’t think you’d ever be allowed to check this bag. They usually make you wait a few minutes after checking a bag for it to pass through the screener. I usually carry on, but sometimes you end up with liquid (or example my Taiwan customer gave me a gift, chili sauce, no choice but to check it).

On the surface, I’ve always liked this idea of the battery pack in the roller luggage, but when I really think about it, I can’t see why it’s all that convenient. I take an avg of 2-3 business trips per month. Half of my trips are relatively short (2 – 3.5 hours). The other half a bit longer (5 -7 hours). But I can’t imagine a scenario where using the luggage as a charging station would be all that helpful.

I usually carry two 10000 mah XiaoMi batteries with me on a trip. If I’m carrying on, I throw one in my rolling luggage and one in my briefcase.

So I don’t get why my having it in the luggage helps. Because then you don’t have to add extra weight to your briefcase? But usually my briefcase is sitting on top of my spinner luggage anyway as I’m moving through the airport. If I need to charge my phone, I just hook it up to the battery pack and throw it in my bag… then I’m not tethered to the luggage.

But I would say 95% of the time, when I’m on the go, the place where I need the extra juice is when I’m on the plane. So having the luggage in the overhead doesn’t really help in that situation.

Kanesha D. says:

I was already going to buy the away luggage, but I bought a gift card instead because I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Lol Thank You!

Erin Nicole says:

Hi! I love this video and I want to get the luggage, but I can’t find the code and the prices don’t change when I click on the link.

Deborah Conkle says:

Great video!

Anna Carolina Nunes says:

It makes sense that the medium and large sizes don’t have a charger because you will check them… If the purpose of the charger is to get you connected while waiting for your flight, you won’t have the two bigger sizes with you…

Great review!! I was considering buying this luggage and know I’ll definitely buy !

Niko Nice says:

Great video and channel. 🙂 Keep it up!

Judie Thompson says:

hi Maggie love your channel I am a faithful follower of sheepishly​ sharing and so glad to be told about you! my daughter is 23 and I enjoy your perspective and opinion. You are very comfortable,confident humourous hey just like Margaret!!!! Good luck you are off to a good start

Kristen Michelle says:

I was torn between Away and Raden but after your detailed review/comparison, I was sold on Away. Got the green medium size for my two week trip to Norway! New sub & thanks for the referral discount 🙂

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