Away Bigger Carry-on vs Regular Carry-on | Field Tested and Compared

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From Away:
What we make
Quite simply: the perfect suitcase. Developed from hundreds of travel stories from friends and seatmates, and designed for the way people actually travel. We don’t make “smart” luggage, we make thoughtful luggage—featuring unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers—using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautifully, functionally minimal. It’s luggage that helps you find your way by staying out of it.
The perfect carry-on, sized up. Unbreakable, thoughtfully designed, and guaranteed for life. Made to fit the sizers of major US airlines, ideal for those flying on big planes and/or with extra outfits.
Start strong
Inside: two compartments, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, toiletries, and other hard objects. Outside: an impenetrable shell that bends under pressure, never breaks.
Smooth ride
Premium Hinomoto wheels rotate 360° for a perfect roll every time.
Scratch resistant
Scratch resistant
The matte textured surface deflects scuffs and scrapes along the way.


TBW Unicorn says:

Does the promo code have an expiration?

jetmemphis91 says:

Wait… Someone asked which one fits more?……the regular or the larger? Lol

Brittany Tang says:

I’m about to fly to Iceland and have been really considering getting the bigger carry on, have you taken the bigger carry on for any international flights? Does it fit in the overhead bin?

Carlos Hernandez says:

Did this code expire?

Anita Cooper says:

You might want to mention to people that they have to create an account in order to get the $20 discount. Took me a while to figure it out (got the info from another site), but I was determined to get that discount from you since you were the first to convince me to get the luggage.

Toni Rose says:


oh cool luggage

Rian Beckham says:

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

cr00kie says:

Why is half of your video just a black screen?

Scott Christian says:

thanks just bought the bigger one. thanks for the discount code

Mike D says:

Didn’t you say you had a specific code for this?

Nicholas Oh says:

I saw the away luggage and It looked like a great product, but I tried to purchase the product and had an awful experience. It charged my credit cards multiply times I asked exactly what happened, but there was not real explantation for it. I still wanted to buy it in the end, but I asked if there was any compensation for the hassle of calling multiply banks to get my charges cleared and they said there is nothing they could do to help or even give a slight promotional discount. In the end I would still love to purchase the product, but the buying experience and talking with the rep left a bad taste in my mouth. :***(

Jessyca Roy Landry says:

Hey @The Kavalier , you have a favorite? I own the smaller carry-on size. I thought I might change, but I have to say I love traveling lighter. I’ll be on my way for a 3 weeks trip with it. I’ll see how it’ll hold on to my expectations.

ESEVEN says:

Great video! Big fan of the channel we just bought the larger size like two weeks ago and I need another so I will be sure to use the code.

Fernando Garcia says:

Don’t you need the specific code?

bowinkle08 says:

i spy allbirds

Erika says:

Have you used your Away carry-on in Asia? Not sure if I want to want to remove the battery for Asia-bound trips.

Christian Watson says:

Hey there, I was wondering if you were planning on checking out It seems right up your alley, and I’m curious about the brand.

Courtney M says:

Hi, I couldn’t get the link to give me $20 off.. I signed up to an away account and got all the way through to payment without it taking off the $20. You don’t have a promo code we can put in do you?

Tripod Threefoot says:

When I can remotely move these bags without touching them give me that story about great bags. Until then I’m using my cheaper version, save a couple hundred dollars and pay for my vacation, Jack Daniels and cab.

blaksable says:

I enjoy your luggage reviews. I’m shopping for new hardside luggage for an upcoming trip to Europe. Have you had any experience with the Horizn Studios Cabin Model M?

PennsylJersey says:

which suitcase is Crosby using during the series?

Kevin Matthies says:

I’m in the market for a “medium” suitcase. Do you own any larger suitcases other than carry-ons? I see you’ve reviewed Raden & Trunkster too. I’m liking the look and features of the Medium Away. Any opinions?

Blakely Tobin says:

so even though a lot of the measurement requirements are smaller than the bigger carry on in international countries, you’ve found that it still fits?

Sylvie S. says:

I wish I knew about this brand earlier. I shopped for 5 (yes, 5!) suitcases for my brothers and sister for their trips across the US and to Europe in October last year.

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