A Bag With Unusual Features…

TODAY’S MYSTERY VIDEO – https://youtu.be/JsH-6kspYzE

Bluesmart Smart Carry-On – http://amzn.to/1XYuAZx

Bluesmart is a new company making high-tech luggage. This case features bluetooth, a battery backup and a built in scale. Pretty cool to see tech features like this in an unusual product segment.

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Calvin Wong says:

The app for this is 2.5/5. yeah was going to buy this for my bro for his graduation. forget that.

Tc says:

Hey dude, got a charger? Got to charge my suitcase.

apoova sahay says:

how much does i cost

Matias Ruiz says:

this was designed in Argentina!

Arslan Khan says:

so the empty weight is 9.4 Lbs?

Stefan Mauhart says:

ok you saw the cable
if someone takes your bag slices with a knife into the side where the cable is
its gone

Gilbert Parra says:

hold on guys let me charge my suitcase real quick

Afzarul Haque Alvi says:

airport athority could not give clearence for it

lytiffrger2468 says:

they should do that with a bookbag

Amber Sembrano says:

hi unbox therapy i really love your videos can you pls make me your guest in one of your vidd

William Voight says:

The downside here, is now a hacker will be able to open your bags remotely.

PumpkinBrush 346 says:

Wait….How can we carry this in a flight,I mean they won’t allow you to take it inside if it has batteries in it.

Selman Bursal says:


Gor-uv HD says:

what happens when your phone’s in your suit case

Kian Cowart says:

i hope he uses this cuz that is COOL!

Jordan says:

if you got to the airport , the xray bit will go crazy. i bet if you exray that theres loads of wires and that will look a bit suspicious


almost 500 hundo jeez. cool design tho

Jp Akin says:

How do you find this new stuff?


At 3:13 he doesn’t talk

Desiree Gittens says:

You are the best

Carl Checrallah says:

I dont like it when he starts the video with an intro. I prefer it when hes talking to himself(or jack) and then follows with a drift laugh.(or u know, smthng like that…)

VivaLaCulture.tv says:

Hey, Does this ship to Canada?

Spectraculus says:

Or save yourself the money and headache and:
1.Get a normal suitcase $100
2.Get a Tile Mate $30
3.Get a way better battery for like $50

Dev says:

Im sure it is on every terrorists Christmas wish list

garzom huamdeus says:

who is jack

Danny Savage says:

Very cool product

Miguel Alvarez says:

Is it water proof

Jp Akin says:

On your channel sense day 1

Jim Moss says:

Whats up with the ending ?

Jessica Smith says:

Yessss. Buy me a smart suit case so dumb arse TSA officials can just smash it open.

Alex Blair says:


Trond Pedersen says:

Jack = Just a Camera? JAC.

WindBlume says:

The empty suitcase is already 4kg? Or did thet put something in there? Most Europe flights only allow 7kg carry-on overall so that seems really heavy D:

Houston Pillay says:

hey Lou… you wash that cap??

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