6 Coolest LUGGAGE You Should Have! (2016) – Bags Reinvented

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Here are the 6 Best luggage / suitcase you should buy. These are super cool with their unique features and usage qualities. They are very new to the market and some are yet to be released. They are very helpful for travellers. These Luggage are super smart, ergonomic and useful. All the product links are below.

*MODOBAG is Super Crazy, Isn’t it?

Bluesmart: http://amzn.to/2bqMTDV
Modobag: http://bit.ly/2bYNY8E
Floatti: http://3t9n.fnd.to/Floatti
G-RO: http://bit.ly/2biPZIj
Cowarobot: http://bit.ly/2aWZCzU
Barracuda: http://bit.ly/2bqMaCu

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Music Credits: Typhoon H Original Creator

Please watch: “5 ROBOTS You Long For #3”


ghostcrafter12 Gameing and more says:

Turn r1 to a backpack and I will by it

Stephen Torres says:

when you deliver the bug can you download apps for me X

Nikola Golic says:

3rd one is simply best and 2nd one is ok

Melina Gaul says:

I think I’m getting the first or second one. Thanks for uploading

ztimbo says:

Looks like chicks will bang you if have the right suitcase.  Who knew.

MrGreenhornet says:

Lool..the bag wheel is broken at @9:43. That’s the problem on this US/China bullshit “quality”.. looks good but it’s damaged after a year

Nyasha W. says:

Who is the target market fir Motobag?

Incredibles ! says:

Hold Your Laugh watching ‘Modobag’ – Its Super Crazy, isn’t it?

Cano Manuel Gonzaga says:

At 10:21, the alert on the phone needs some grammar update! lmao

Stephen Torres says:

I need one for school all of the cooler backpack I love your invention I hope all of you keep it up I wish I could have got one of the bug if you all have more I hope you have a good day

Melina Gaul says:

The third one is really funny and weird.

Fernando Alameda says:


ghostcrafter12 Gameing and more says:

Just by a booster board and a batterie pack with the mdopack

lucaboden says:

Can the Modobag accommodate fat people?

X-Plane Aviation says:

Bluesmart is really bad.

psiko logic says:

how much that luggage?

Cano Manuel Gonzaga says:

COWARD Robot or is it Co-Walk robot?

jimima hope says:

Sorely when it gets thrown in the airplane lane it will get damaged

Queen Monkey says:

I kept laughing at the ModoBag because of the woman sitting on it xD

Jon Wayne says:

that chick in the baraccuda is a leech! lol


at 9:42 the bag’s “suspensions” breaks a bit of off the bag on left wheel(or the back wheel)

Stephen Torres says:

I love your invention can you get one of each for me I like Moto bug I hope you keep it up my name is Steven have a good day dy

Diego Torres says:

the modobag is honestly really stupid

Nukem962001 says:

Barracuda had a lot of potential, but the company got cheap with it.

Tsai Jason says:

Now you need traffic lights in the airport!

Ninja Boss says:

The furst guy looks like he smuggling.. pablo esco

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