TRAYVAX CINCH | EDC Belt | Full Test & Review

The Trayvax Cinch is an EDC Belt that is USA Made out of High Grab Webbing and Machined Aluminum. It Offers a Unique Flavor of Style. It Very Light, Tough, Lifetime Warranty, & under $30

**Slight Scheduling issue for release date**
Updated Release is 31 March 2017

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Tracey Ezell says:

thats a great looking belt it can be used by more than just holding up your pants

Brian Grimes says:

Looks like what I have been looking for in a belt, simple, strong, adjustable.

bigkenny66 says:

I have been wearing a lesser plastic buckle webbing belt for 4 years now. It will be interesting to see how well the buckle holds up after that much use.

matt d says:

Nice belt…I am in need on a good lightweight belt

Jim Drews says:

Why did you have to cut and then melt the end? That’s not something that would need to be done to the actual production versions is it?

William Young says:

How does the other end attach, looks cool. Almost could put a pry/screwdriver on the odd end. Would like to see it in red. Looks great.

Steven Szabo says:

Dude, you had me at MADE IN USA!! But I gotta tell ya, we need to see you in the bush with some of this stuff.

Crazy knife says:

These belts are great

John Barker says:

Nice video. I like the blue and black,

Josh Presley says:

This belt system actually looks really nice

Thomas Sparks says:

Awesome! Great video and review. Nice GAW!

Jack G. says:

Very cool belt. I really like the minimalistic and low profile design. The fact that it’s made in America makes it even better. Great review and thanks for the info. Also thanks for the the Top Brass recommendation from a few weeks ago. That store is bad ass and the staff were awesome.

Andy Wogoman says:

This belt is what I’ve been looking for EDC!

Calvin Hultman, II says:

I have been looking for a new decent belt, for a while. As soon as I saw this belt, it had my attention. I want something that will look nice for my retail job, but be strong and functional for my warehouse job. I also like that it is a little different than most.

I am in for one!

Peter W Reese says:

Nice! I enjoy my Trayvax wallet, I’ll definitely need to try this AND Slide Belt

Marshall Dobson says:

great belt that I can see more uses than keeping our pants up

Mr. M8th3ris says:

Their wallets are Badass but expensive. the belt looks pretty useful and it would defiantly work better than my crappy leather one that I’ve had for almost 15 years lol

Aaron Rowe says:

I’m liking it I might pick one up if I don’t win!

Jimmy Rose says:

I like the simplicity and the way to adjust without needing holes. perfect, simple belt.

ryan lavallee says:

Very nice belt. Love the blue same as my trayvax original wallet that I carry and it’s my favorite wallet I’ve ever had. Would love to get one. Thanks for the great review on a spankin new trayvax product

Clayton Vick says:

Would like to have for my EDC

Matthew Shaw says:

nice belt love the fact that it is made in the USA also nice price tag.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Nice simple design and strong, I like that. Two toned colored belt buckles would be a nice touch.

ACinSA says:

Ordered mine 2 days ago. Also, the guys at On Your 6 are great…good on you for getting the name out there. It’s great to see a local guy with an active channel in the San Antonio area. Us like minded folks need to stick together!Aaron

B Everton says:

great belt

joel slovinski says:

whoop whoop your awesome bro

Joseph Jimmerson says:

This is awesome. I want one for sure.

elcas20012003 says:

simple and color ful would love a grey webbing

Stephen Post says:

That looks like a really durable addition to my edc and it’s made in the USA. I can’t stand those leather belts with adjusting holes every inch or so apart. Thanks for another great video.

717 Tactical says:

That’s a nice belt and the only thing I would love it’s for it to be a little thicker for OWB carry.

J L says:

these are some looking belts. i’d be willing to try them out for sure.

Arctic Gator says:

will it twist up as it softens over time from being beat up? i have an older belt made from a car seat belt and buckle and it just twists and sags when i even carry a leatherman on it.

Sean Dunn says:

This looks like an awesome belt. I would like to see it in a sand color because I would wear it in my uniform (I’m an Airman in the U.S.A.F.). If they could do that I would but multiple. I gave that like button a click and have been a subscriber for a while. I’m sharing right now. I have friends who would love it.

Nicholas Schamens says:

nice and sleek. looks like it could be worn with everything

Saber Max says:

Great belt! The colors are good, the ability to micro adjust is pretty cool and the price is nice especially for a product made in America. I have been looking for a good web belt to attach stuff (KA-BAR, compass, binoculars, multi tool, etc…) to when I am out hiking. Will the belt also be available in different colors like desert tan or olive drab? I’m already a subscriber, liked & shared @ sabermax2 on Pinterest in “survival gear” board.

The Mc says:

Very Niiicce, I Like!

Jonathan Kjær Andersen says:


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