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The Trakline Belt claims to have improved on hundreds of years of belt technology. The Trakline Belt- uses a special track that runs along the underside of the belt to allow you to adjust the belt by 1/4 inches rather than whole inches with a traditional belt. Check out my update on the belt 18 months later- Thank you Trakline for sending me this cool new type of belt to try out. I expect to be wearing it daily for a long time.

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Shop Trakline men’s ratchet belts >> The cool ratchet belt that’s 800% more adjustable than traditional belts.

Chris Russ says:

Love my trakline belt from kore essentials. I’ve been
wearing it 5 days a week at a non desk job for almost a year and it still
looks perfect. Very happy with it, would highly recommend it.

lsa7ada123 says:

That’s a nice belt, the buckle is very sleek looking

Frank Byrne says:

I now own 5 Kore
trakline ratchet belts. It’s the best belt I’ve ever had. I use them for
business suits and leisure wear and they look and feel great. The quality is
fantastic and second to none.

Steve Allen says:

Great idea for a belt but I won’t be buying one until The price comes down.

Ross Cohen says:

Cool, and it even comes with a carrying case! WOW!

Doug Osterman says:

I liked the first Trakline belt so much, I bought a second one with a different buckle for my dress pants. These are the best belts I’ve ever owned.

nikkinj says:

Interesting. I’ll check them out.

tleeg74 says:

So basically its a giant zip-tie that goes around your waist.

random thingz says:

Hey Paris you should review sea monkeys! They sell them at Walmart for $5 in either the toy aisle or the discount aisle or about $10 on Amazon. This would be a REALLY long comment if I explained what they are so you can just do some Google research about them

Vikas Gour says:

I bought the Kore belt recently and it was delivered on time and I love the buckle since it gives exact appearance of traditional buckles. Also the color of belt was exactly what was there in the pictures on the website. These belts are very comfortable and of the best quality.  I will be buying another one in black color soon.

Camps2630 says:

COuld that release mechanism be a flaw also?. Say you’re sitting down or leaning and something hits that lever.

dustinallenphoto says:

take a hammer and a nail, and wah-la…fits perfect.

gamefool117 says:

Personally I love my Kore Trakline belt. Being able to adjust the tightness of the belt so finely is fantastic. Also it’s very high quality and looks great! I will be buying another soon. Thanks guys!

Astroboy says:

i had a belt with that mechanism like 15 years ago, is suppossed to be new ? by the way is a very good mechanism

Scott Bailey says:

The Trakline belt by Kore is the best track belt I’ve ever had. This is my second track type belt, the first was a different brand and I had problems with it immediately ! But the Trakline belt works fantastic and I love it.

Thomas Newsham says:

where is the other review guy?

kwd57 says:

My son showed me one of those he bought, thinking it was some new technology, until I burst his bubble and showed him the one I have been using for at least 6 years from a company called Krusell, which was the same thing. I don’t know who copied who.


Hi Paris  – Thanks for the great review. Glad you liked the belt !
Most men feed their belts from left to right when putting it on. Then with the Release Tab under your buckle, use your left index finger to release the tab and your right hand to move the belt in or out. It gets easy with a little practice. The leather is full-grain (the best quality) and the Icon style buckle you used is solid stainless steel. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

SAVE 15% when you input discount promo code – Kore15 – at checkout.  Visit –

Salty Box Gaming says:

Did it really take this long to come up with this type of belt? haha

Miss Mary says:

fist one to commet yes 2 one to veiw

David Allcock says:

I love these Trakline belts. I have now bought three for me and 2 for
my father – and am about to buy two more for my father in law and
brother in law. A good friend of mine saw my belt and has also ordered
one. They are, quite simply, fantastic. They are the only belts I wear.

Kevin Ton quills says:

Hay fiesta love yall

Andrew Escobar says:

Pay for Trakline quality and you get what you pay for.

This was my first ratchet belt purchase and I am very pleased. So pleased that I purchased another Trakline belt right after. So on top of having a new product, I love the belt quality. Side notes – I really like the aesthetics of the buckle being simple without badging. I gravitated towards Kore Essentials because there wasn’t a logo on the buckle that showed. Also for those that are worried the ratchet mechanism will be too thick compared to a conventional belt, I didn’t find this to be the case. When measuring the traditional buckle and leather loop to the Kore Essential Trakline buckle the thickness is negligible. I highly recommend it.

C S says:

My husband has such a hard time getting his belts to fit well. this looks great!

xAsmir says:

i want to buy that !

Chris DeCarlo says:

I purchased the Kore trakline buckle and smooth belt for myself and another for my dad on Father’s day and he loves his as well. The incremental adjustments is what sold me on this purchase and I am happy with the high quality leather and buckle.

Miss Mary says:

i love your videos

Tony Kaplan says:

The Trakline belt from Kore was and still is the best quality, real leather belt I’ve ever owned. The buckle is solid, the function works very efficiently.

Chase Davis says:

My Hermes belt was 450

WI Clawer says:

Great review Parris. I’m always having problems with belts also. Either its too tight or too loose. That belt seems to work fine but for the price they want for it is a little too pricey. Maybe once and if the price gets lowered i might buy one. Thanks for the review.

theguywithpizza!! says:

I love your videos I have been watching your videos for a long time! I have a suggestion for a review, you should review the pivothead camera glasses. They shoot 1080p, and you could film your pov on some of your reviews, without having to hold a camera. Just a suggestion.

bsfins says:

I prefer the cotton double ring belts.I find that they are much more comfortable,and I can adjust it as much,or as little as I want.I can also make them fairly cheap,when I can’t find just the right color.


See the full line of Trakline Belts at Kore Essentials >>

Joaquin elliott says:

How can I send you guys a letter

Furby Smith says:

Looks like a leather version of the standard military canvas belt.

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