Tool Belt Review

A look at some of the tool belts I have used over the years and which I like the most.


Jeff Brinning says:

I have the same occidental tool bags combined with nylon and leather belt with nylon harness. 13 years in use and not a single ripped stitch. glad to know some things are still made exceptionally well.

Aaron Friend says:

It is all about the heat in Texas.  The thinner the suspenders the cooler the suspenders are.  That is why I don’t wear the thicker padded occidental straps.

Brandon Lund says:

I purchased my 1st occidental leather framer 20 plus years ago and paid like $250.00 back then. There the best money can buy as far as I’m concerned.


Very helpful video my friend..!!..
I’ve been using a CLC tool bag like the one you have , for 10 years I think, and trust me they are a good bags. I’m in the concrete business, and my CLC bags had been through a lot.
Now I’m looking into buying the occidental leather bags, but I kind like the occidental nylon leather green bags too….

Jeff Remas says:

Great job, thank you. What is the brand and model of your newest addition?

josh wood says:

gday mate. does that bag hold a 10 metre tape ? im from australia so i dont know feet. and what would be the best website to order these belts from ?

Aaron Friend says:

thanks, the green ones are 8080 DB- OxyLights DB Framer

Chuck Woods says:

I have a set of occidentals that are fixed onto the belt with the nylon occidental suspenders. Although pricey, they are completely worth the money. Most comfortable bags I have ever worn. Love the depth of the bags too. I just bought another set that can detach from the belt to go on my harness for the gang forms I do at work. I would suggest them to anyone serious about convenience and comfort as a carpenter, as long as you’re willing to spend between $250-$300.

vlineguy says:

Aaron check out my tool called the V-Line clamp, I have been framing for 30 years and have been selling my tool to carpenters all over the world, a great addition to a tool bag

Charney Kaye says:

Thanks brother, very helpful.

cs says:

I do not know to speak English with the mobile translator

andy hornby says:

great video Aaron I use the iron dog tool belt system because you can customize them for what ever your doing during the day e.g. framing, roofing, trim carpentry. 

alexander carvahal says:

Hey Aaron can you make a video of you wearing the leather oxy suspenders and review them and how they’ve held up please

Aaron Friend says:

The cats paw is the titanium one from Stiletto, it has a nail digging out feature on the side that really  works well.   The last set I review are 8080 DB- OxyLights DB Framer.  The black ones are called a suspenda vest I think.

legalsolutions07 says:

How has the Occidental tool belt held up after a year? Do you alternate belts during different seasons? You should do a video showing what’s in your tool belt. You have some nice stuff in that Occidental setup. 

1010belert says:

When you first mentioned taking a hammer to the knee you had my attention. When you kept talking about it you started to sound like a Skyrim NPC. Nice video.

cs says:

I’m from Brazil is to send a western belt of green when costs

kelvartis says:

If you fall off the roof just use a sheet of plywood and fly to the ground as the story goes.  looks like a good genuine review with shaky camera work from somebody who spends more time using their tools than making up bullcrap or promoting something.

Brandon Lund says:

I purchased my 1st occidental leather framer 20 plus years ago and paid like $250.00 back then. There the best money can buy as far as I’m concerned.

Jeff Brinning says:

the nylon harness with the built in yoke in the back is totally friggin comfortable

foreman d says:

That husky tote you have .i have two of them love them. They made it even better .now the handle folds over so bigger items fit better and it’s easier to get stuff in and out like Palm sanders laminate routers corded drills and such .lol now I need two more .i do like your bags I have a pair called MTM I have hade them for 20 years now and they are wore out .i went to get a new pair and they don’t make them any more but after seeing your new ones I think I may look into them again .thanks for the video

Aaron Friend says:

gday Josh, the tape holder on the green bag is a little tight on a 35 foot tape.  I bought my bags from a brick and mortar store called Texas Tool Traders.  I would look on the occidental website for online dealers.

Pissedoff Doug says:

Try the occidental suspenders with the yoke on the back. Same straps, but it never gets tangled up and is really, really comfortable.

kwarnisplayer says:

Who makes that cat paw, and which Occidental set is that? Thanks.

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