This EDC Belt Loop Organizer Will Free Your Pockets

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J. W. says:

OMG!! I’ve gotta have that. Yeah, it’s pricey so I will have to try and make one. But I’ve got to have it. Nice video bro, and nice blades.

Andrew Greiner says:

Holster for things with clips? No. $85 for something that could be made custom for way cheaper from other leather workers? No. Cheap leather that will ruin anything metal that you put in it? No. This is a hard pass…

Paul Rayl says:

Wish they would put a pen hold on the xl version. Thinking about getting the trio version, but not sure I like the metal clip, being that I’m a bigger guy.

untrained professional says:

Why not just use the pocket clips on the knife and flashlight to clip it to your belt?

You Mang says:

This could be a work uniform type accessory. EDC I clip my knife, no light necessary enough to carry on me, but its in my bag. But somewhere its perfect size for work stuff but prob too expensive. Make some nylon ones

Alex Teague says:

All y’all complaining about the price obviously don’t understand handmade goods.

Diopterman says:

This is my first time watching your channel. Very nice video! This would be ideal for me and my Leatherman Wave/Charge. I am ambi-I use my right hand for knife and flashlight use, and shoot left handed. I will be able to carry both systems easily. Thank you!

Irwin Torres says:

Why would I put everything in a pouch…that is literally what my pockets are for!

Hugo Zavala says:

I’m subscribing

Travis Mcghee says:

Great item! I dont get the criticisms. this would work in any environement. As for the cost its not the cost of the material your paying for but the proven design and time it takes to make it as well as the tools. Unless you want to take half a day to go buy whats needed to make it and then sit down and stitch it etc. If not your paying about $15.00 and hour for aomwone else to make it. at keast thats the time it wouls take you vs the cost your paying them. makes sense to me.

mrkwns24 says:

It’s very nice, but my Leatherman nylon snap sheath efficiently carries both my Wingman and mini LED flashlight, and all three items together cost less than this holster.

Phyoomz says:

That’s just asking to get detained or possibly shot by the NYPD

iwantosavemoney says:

For the price he is asking these should be wet formed to fit the tool. Would not be willing to pay for it you can buy a leatherman leather sheath for 16 or 17 dollars or a leatherman wave metal sheath that will last a lifetime for 25.00. It is neat and would not mind having one but I would not even think about paying what he is asking. But some will

MawlMasterRace says:

Awesome, do you think they make one for the full conceal Glock? I’d love to get that bulk out of my pocket and onto my waistline! @phillyedc

Benjamin Hollenbeck says:

A real man doesn’t need a belt accessory… for his accessories.

Thom Combes says:

What pen is that in this video?

Is the quality good?

BeatrCoupe says:

Love it but no room for pen unless you downsized the light and knife speaking of pens what pen was in your hitch and timber proper slip

Pit Dawg says:

You had my attention til the $85 cost. No way!

Michael Ryan says:

Thanks for sharing, I do the same thing with a triple pistol mag pouch . Flashlight, knife and leatherman

David Lebo says:

I like this, but a couple of things. Overpriced being the main one, and two, its a modern day fanny pack haha

randy recto says:

Lol. What a waste.
Sound like you made this vid to convince yourself that this is a good product.

Adventure Roads Motorcycle Magazine says:

I hope you own a knife store or you have spent an insane amount of money on your knife collection.

john bouley says:

Phuck dat!

Daniel W says:

you could put pepper spray where the flashlight goes

Charles Andrews says:

Pretty soon you’ll be sporting a whole carpenter’s leather tool belt. Lol

Rutger Prins says:

Cool going too make one.

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