The Hidden Woodsmen Belt Pouch Review / Portable Survival Kit!

Today, we take a look at an EDC essential I’ve been carrying daily for 3 years: the Hidden Woodsmen Belt Pouch! Handcrafted and made of the best materials, this pouch is handsome, durable and versatile.

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filmed in parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox


Trail Nut says:

I wonder if Boba Fett carried the five C’s? Nice load out! I love mine. I don’t carry as much stuff in it but boy does it come in handy and I forget it’s even there. Great gear! Atb Sean

El Lobo says:

Could make a 2nd one as a small medical with a tourniquet. Great vid.

Broseph Russell says:

Oh yes a great piece of gear great review

Al Beklik says:

I tell you that pouch is really handy if you want to carry a couple of joints

spektr540hemi says:

Really like the ATACS version…The ATACS folks retired some of their patterns this year, FYI.

scott anthony says:

Hello James, thanks for the review, The Hidden Woodsman makes some awesome gear, hope to purchase soon, God bless you and your family always and Have a Merry Christmas an Happy New Year.

Adrian Camara says:

What is the size of this pouch ? I really like it.

Joe Roberts says:

I just moved to the desert a few months ago. Every time I light a fire here I chuckle. So easy. So quick.

Roger Ehinger says:

A new fan of the Junkyard Fox, really enjoy your videos, and Cuervo Negro. I will be changing out some of my gear, thanks for the demo’s.

soisitimpossible says:

Great little just in case kit. As we all have our preferences I’d switch out the space blankets for a small 6×8. But literally with a little knowledge you have your basics covered.

USMC 1019 says:

I’ve got 5 of these pouches. I even carry one at work. A very simple but yet very versatile pouch. And of course thanks to Malcom they’re bombproof.
That’s a really good kit you put together. Gonna have to buy another pouch! Lol!

willy p00 says:

It’s an awesomely made pouch. It’s still just a pouch. Many US Molle pouches can do the same job just as well. Still made in CONUS. Can’t argue with the construction of the product, just the price versus function and durability. I’d rather have 4 SAW 200 round pouches for less money. Call me cheap.

Kento Komoto says:

Boba Fett is the edc man! Self contained wherever he goes. Pouches are where it’s at. Sure I have an edc bag but it’s often in the vehicle. Only with me on an excursion that will take me away from my vehicle for a prolonged period. It’s all about what’s on you. You’re pockets, belt, neck, POUCH. Can you get home or to safety with what’s on you? SHTF comes in all sizes. And usually happens when you’re not ideally prepared. So keep it on you. Like Boba Fett. Be like Fett. My dog’s name if Boba Fett.

Savage Poet says:

Female kangaroos have built-in pouches

Rob Bevington says:


Joshua Caviness says:

Nice review. The belt pouch was the earliest form of a “Possibles pouch” Simply being you carry what ever you need in it. Firestarting, cordage, or simply a water bottle holder, Seems like a standard water bottle would fit nicely in there. Again Top notch review.

Jerry Purnell says:

Wheres the food?

AnOldManInTheWoods says:

I carry maps and a compass in mine.

Stephen Dorje says:

I know it’s not trendy but i still use a fanny pack for firearm, ammo, cleaning kit and pepper gel… nice and handy… good vid as usual

EDC Adventures says:

Thanks for sharing James. I have one of his older pouches back when he made two sizes. Mine is about half that size and I use it for a fire kit. Holds some UCO matches, emergency tinder ( cotton an Vaseline), ferro rod, fat wood and some jute twine.

Tha Hikin Lycan says:

Members of the Fett Clan or Mandalorians do not use Sawyer water filtration products.
Do they?

Fisher Man says:

A Tip for you! Böker Plus Pocket Knife one of the best my opinion.

Chris Corso says:

Malcolm makes amazing products and I’m proud to say I own several and use them daily. Great video and basing your kit around the 5c and really you could hold all 10c easy is super smart.

The Bearded Burton says:

Love it dude, Boba Fett Survival hell yes.
Keep being bad ass man

Dave Farnsworth says:

That does look handy. At $20 on sale I may just have to get a couple of them. When I was a kid I had a gas mask bag. I could carry everything I needed in that and along with my bedroll. I was always good to go.

Ricky Valenz says:

Nice review and content bro! What do you find yourself mostly putting in the pouch since you wear it daily? I’m assuming urban environment/work.

BushCraftBums says:

Great review brother! I’ve been thinking about grabbing their haverack for a while now! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed holiday

Savage Poet says:

Quite uncanny, Junkyard Fox actually looks like a fox.

nutthrower says:

Got me, for whatever reason I’m a pouch, pack, etc fanatic, I’m a sick puppy, nice vid

Chris McCollum says:

Content Idea – Do a period survival channel of what life was like for the average Texas in the early 1800’s….pre-Indendence. There are some incredible period re-enactor/survivalists that are in love with a certain period. And they do videos on what survival meant in that period (1700’s Scottish Highlands, 1700’s in New England, Mountain Men of the 1800’s in Alaska, and tons more in Europe). I wander if you’re interested in researching that and trying to recreate that in (at first) a super low budget way….(what would a Texian in 1802 have in their kit)? Do it it normal clothes and have modern equipment for a safety backup, but it would be fascinating!

Jeff Genchi says:

Darn you sir. I just ordered one. Lol

Jim T says:

Hi from Scotland. The first thing I liked was you saying its not the biggest pack, its not a huge bug out kit … BUT … its not supposed to be! To many guys are “saying” they carry a massive pack crammed to the top with gear. Not for an EDC / EDC mini survival which this kit is. Good little pouch and a nice selection of kit. Atb Jim


Christmas greetings from Yuma, Arizona. Another good vid

Omar Faruk says:

You really deserve more views & subs. Great video.

Douglas Reeves says:

At Plow and Hearth, you can get 50 lbs of fatwood for about $60.00. Buy your own aluminum containers at Amazon and you are saving a bunch of money over buying small containers of fatwood from prepper or bushcraft sites. Not saying that they don’t have some good products, but, do a little research. Love your channel.

Dog Dad says:

Is that light the o-light i3t?

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