The Best Tool Belt Ever!/Or Not? Occidental Leather SuspendaVest vs Conventional Toolbelt

My original reason for upgrading my toolbelt from what I had been using for so many years was for the sake of durability. I was just weary of having to buy a new tool belt every few years. That is why I went looking at my local retailer to see what occidental leather had to offer. When I saw this beltless system, and tried it on, I knew this is what I wanted to upgrade to. Not having had previous experience with occidental leather (either owning or wearing one of their toolbelts or knowing about their website) I didn`t have much to go on but what I was told by the salesman about what was available (options accessories etc). So I purchased the 2550 leather package which includes the 2500 suspendavest packaged with the 5060 (2 pouch fastener bag) and the 5017DB (3 pouch tool bag). What I would recommend to anyone who may be interested in going this route, and what I would do if I had it to do over again would be to buy the 2500 suspendavest and purchase the bags separately so you can choose whatever bags fit the bill for your particular needs. I would get the 5062 (4 pouch pro fastener bag) for the left side. They offer a vast array of individual bags (both leather and nylon) that can be mounted on the suspendavest so you can have whatever combination of tool pouch and fastener pouch you like. I hope this review is helpful. I do appreciate your feedback. Thanks for watching. Check out their website @…


James Hite says:

Where’d you get that tshirt??

Mark Klaus says:

Atlas 46 better than Occidental.

Terry Foster says:

Facinating review, I know nothing about your profesion, just curious to know. Do you really need to have all that stuff on you at the job sight all the time? while working?

Christopher Gutierrez says:

What’s the brand of the belt? The shoulder one…

mastermetalshredder says:

You could put the punches in the pencil holders on the left. Nice detailed review, thanks for posting

Md Rimon says:

Thanks for the detailed review. it is very helpful videos

HaasGrotesk says:

That’s way too much crap to carry. Often you don’t need all of that. Better to have a toolbag and a smaller belt then just take what you need at the time put it on.

kurtzcol says:

this clown packs every fukn tool he owns thats the real problem

austin pollock says:

Honestly for most framers the left side works great in my opinion. Based on my experience and my coworkers. The Occidental fabric belt is my choice because of how it forms to your body.

Eddy Forero says:

nice and true review, thanks

Zach Eiriksson says:

take a look at viking leather belts

cash money says:

So lemme get this straight…..ALL the weight on the shoulders everyday?

Sein Maestro says:

get you a man that can do both. Be the actual toolbox

Helova Shot says:

his set up sucks! first of all!
measuring tape, speed squad, nail bar, torpedo lvl, pliers, chalk line, screw driver, utility knife, 1 pair of tin snips, wrench, scraper bar, maybe some other smaller stuff and that’s all you need! every thing else can be thrown in a tool box or a tote, as if you need 3 fricken snips LMFAO

Dgozz122 says:

pencil slots make for good nail punch pockets.

Fred Lavoie says:

Great review man!

Chris Be says:

Why don’t you wear an occidental belt with suspenders. Best you can get.

Allan Hmelnitski says:

For fasteners why not to try one more belt pouch in the middle. Or another pouch higher, like on the chest.

gump636 says:

i smashed a plastic bag from any store in my pocket to help make it not so deep on where i keep my pencil you could barely do the something for you nail sets so they stick out farther just a thought

Forrest Barnden says:

you could put a small block of wood where your nail set is to pack it up a bit from the bottom

ubioubiestveritas says:

Thanks for the review.

Justen Matheny says:

put the nail sets in the other bag

Brandon Lund says:

I cant tell, are you right handed or left? I agree that your left pouch (if your a right handed person) seems odd. I would be lost cross drawing my tape on the left.

eric anderson says:

I have been using this same rig for 4 years now.The thing you are missing is that you have too much stuff packed in your lower bags and hardly anything in the vest itself.
I keep very little in the lower bags other than fasteners and my tape.Like other commenters: I can’t imagine lugging all those tools around at once. Put those tools up high and try it.

Indigenousim says:

Thanks for the detailed review, that was very helpful.

243WW says:

Put a small tube in the pockets for the nail sets… Use a thinner level? Nice review

soupydog1 says:

Dont carry your phone on your body Bad Bad

SOC3100 says:

Too much…Way to much weight for new construction all year around. Just a speed square, pencil, hammer, knife, chalk, and tape. One small pouch on my left and hammer on my right

Anthony DiNardo says:

i stuck my nail sets on the lh fastener pouch, riveted a pocket caddy to the inside of the rh tool bag. great belt, but the tool slots didnt work for me. i havent found anywhere comfortable to leave the torpedo. i kind of jam it in on the rh tool bag on the space between the utility knife holder, and the lip of the bag. complaints aside. havent found anything close to occidentals quality.

Kendu says:

Wow, way too much stuff. Do you walk to the job site?

Ryan Reynolds says:

This guy complains like a woman

Michael Balph says:

I’m a journeyman. i have never seen a carpenter NOT wear suspenders on their tool belt.

Cristh Santiago says:

Man you dont like anything

Jesse buckland says:

great review. thanks! I am looking into just the vest part and wondering can any brand of bag be added? im trying to get away from bags altogether but may need small on each side for my staplers. Im a cable tech and carry mostly small tools but altogether about 15pounds worth (2 staplers add up). the bags causes issues for me as most houses I goto are borderline hoarders and have very little room to move around(crawl spaces ect) .

Helova Shot says:

measuring tape, speed squad, nail bar, torpedo lvl, pliers, chalk line, screw driver, utility knife, 1 pair of tin snips, wrench, scraper bar, maybe some other smaller stuff and that’s all you need! every thing else can be thrown in a tool box or a tote, no need to pack it around! pull it out when you need it :/ have you ever just used the vest without the bags???

Paul Murphy says:

So….. I’m presuming that you build an entire house every day carrying all that crap at once ,I’m a big fan of a decent belt…..but for me it’s more about mobility and comfort and quick release ( getting pencil square and tape out in a fluid movement) NOT about emptying my van and attaching it all to me I just don’t get it

Christopher Murphy says:

Bro put your torpedo level in one of the black pockets on the right and your nail sets in the upper most pencil spots

рафаиль галлямов says:

Как работать то с таким грузом

TheStreamlinetyr says:

What type of waist belt and pouches is tht

Beschaulichkeit says:

Thanks for recording this. I’m researching tool belts for myself and I never expected it to be this difficult. Of course, when you’re planning to wear the thing for 1/3 of every day of your career, you’ve got to pick a good one.

Andrew Frey says:

You need the big Oxi pouches.

john sheehan says:

I have the exact same bags but on a belt On the right bag I use the two outside bags for different kinds of fasteners, the utility slots I stick a pen and pencil or wax pencils. Where he has his nail sets I keep a chisel and nail pullers. Use the loop also for the drill if I need it. On the left bag use the two small pockets on the front for your nail set, and the small pocket behind that use it for a utility knife – fits perfect. The big pockets on each side are more than enough room for a torpedo, snips, chalk lines or what ever else you need to carry. One thing I have ZERO idea about is what that smaller slot is for next to the cats paw? Ive seen some pictures with a combination square, but no way you can fit one in.

matt antunovic says:

This looks very bulky and annoying, I just made my own vest which is based on the Samurai carpenter. how to make it is on my channel if anyone is interested. It is superior to everything else I have used or seen!

Seth Foote says:

good vid man

Chris Be says:

Nail sets and punches fit in front slots on left side, as they are used with left hand. Also, rivet a traditional tape clip on left back side between pouch and happier loop. This offers a more secure location, is faster to attach and grab, and frees up your upper fastener pocket

spiro alexopoulos says:

I’ve been wearing oxy rigs for about 12 years now and always seem to find a bag and or accesories to make everything work. I haven’t used the vest but the padded suspension system works in a very similar fashion and is customizable to your needs. I also know that all the various components are expensive. Not telling you to get rid of it but you look like you need a different more modular system. Love the review and I myself have certain gripes overall so I’m very happy to see that there is someone willing to voice their opinion.

Johnnyhumbkr says:

Real good video , dude! You bring up a long of good points, and I can tell you’re speaking from experience. I made a leather tool holder insert that I put in my right side bag that organized the tools I want in there. You can also put some mink oil on the leather to make them look newer. Safety first, brah!

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