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I seem incapable of ever “traveling light.”

Even for a short walk or a quick errand, I have my phone, ID, license, keys, maybe earbuds, and some cash. At the gym, I want my phone, gym membership card, ID, keys and earbuds with me at all times. I also don’t like leaving jewelry or cash in the gym locker.

Since only the Queen of England and select Golden Girls can fashionably pull off carrying a handbag everywhere, that leaves me with either carrying a small backpack or…wearing a fanny pack, which is cumbersome and unattractive. And at the gym or while running, it is downright unacceptable. So I’m excited to get the StashBandz that discretely holds my things and just looks like a layer of clothing if it can be seen at all.

The belt fits over yoga pants, shorts, or jeans. It has a snug but trim line spandex material similar to Spanx, but it does not feel too tight. The material is anti-bacterial and does not chafe runners.

The belt slips on like pants, or it can be pulled over the head and placed around the hips and lower waist.

NO MUFFIN TOP: It does provide some “hold” like spandex, so it gives a slimline look to the “muffin top” area, which I like.

A surprising amount. It can hold even a big phone, sunglasses, keys, medical equipment, even a slimline flask.

There are four pockets. These pockets can accommodate items such as your phone, iPod, medical devices, wallet, earbuds, money, ID, pepper spray, keys, small candy, breath mints, lipstick, power bar, EpiPen, asthma inhaler, glasses, etc.

The Tubular Spandex hip belt is 6″ high with four 7” wide pockets around the entire band circumference. That accommodates extreme sized cell phones like the iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, and Note 2-4.

There are four wide pockets for large items. 4 WIDE Pockets open at the top with a fold over flap to lock-in items safe and secure.

For extra security, choose the black, ivory or aqua color belts that come with extra invisible zipper pockets to make it nearly impossible for even a skilled pickpocket to steal your valuables.

The belt comes in several colors: Black, Ivory, Aqua, Hot Pink, Neon Green and Royal Blue. It fits over the top of leggings, yoga pants, or jeans and under a top. It can be completely concealed by a top if desired.


While you are running or in an exercise class at your gym, you have nowhere to place your phone, earbuds, gym ID, wallet, cash, keys or other valuables that you don’t want to lose or leave behind in your car or gym locker.

Even when not running or exercising, a belt that holds your ID, phone and keys is very helpful when you don’t want to have to carry a handbag or want to keep valuables close to you. Some examples:

* Buffet and cafeteria style restaurants or college cafeterias settings, so you can carry your valuables and ID without worrying about leaving them an unattended in a bag or backpack at your seat.

* I find it so much easier to wear the belt to be able to walk around hands-free in places like Museums, estate sales, antiquing, flea markets, and I like having it for when I am a store or boutique with breakable items. I am always afraid of accidentally knocking something over with my bag!

* It is also useful to not have to carry a bag at amusement parks, Farmer’s Markets, malls, concerts, fairs, public gardens, parks, and carnivals.

* It is also much more convenient to wear while hiking to stay hands-free and not have to carry things like sunglasses, phone, ID, and keys.

* It is ideal for travel if you want to discretely and securely store cash, traveler’s checks, your passport, tickets, ID, and keys on your person instead of a bag that can be lost or stolen.

*MEDICAL USES: The StashBandz is designed to discreetly hold wearable medical devices like insulin pumps, chemo pumps, colostomy bags, CADD Legacy pumps, and VAD Ventricular Assist devices. Devices are not detectable beneath the band even with snugger fit clothing.

Want to transport essential items without carrying a bag, but don’t want to use a bulky a fanny pack? The StashBandz is a stylish alternative that is a highly secure way to hold your phone, cash, ID, passport and other valuables safely and securely with you at all times. It does not chafe against skin even while running, it keeps skin dry, and it is anti-bacterial. The fabric gives a slim line instead of a big fanny pack.

Style Chicks received StashBandz in exchange for our unbiased review and received compensation for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours.



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