SPIBelt Original Running Belt Review

http://www.5krunningtips.com/spibelt-origin…n-depth-review Do you have a dilemma of where to carry stuff when you’re running? You need a bag or pocket of some sort that isn’t going to bother you on your run. Today we’re going to do a SPIBelt Original In-Depth Review.

In the hopes of making sense of the options available to you, this review will be the first of a series of reviews of each of the running belts I’ve been using. It’s important to understand that your choice of running belt or strap will depend on the type of running you do and your goals.

The primary goal of running belts or straps are to carry your stuff while you are running. Belt bags, running belts, straps and versions of these have been out for a long time. Think 1980’s bum bag! Thankfully running belts have come a long way since the 80’s.

Right, let’s get into our review:

Cost: $29.95 Australian Dollars (For where to buy see bottom of this post)
*This review is commission-free and I am not being paid to write this.

Unwrapping the SPIBelt Original:
The SPIBelt is a running belt with a small pouch where you can put all your stuff and keep your arms free. It starts off really small but it’ll stretch to fit most things. The SPIBelt Original holds my Iphone 6 (without the phone case).

On closer inspection, the SPIBelt has an elastic strap which is secured around the waist by plastic clips. The adjustable buckles allow for basic adjustments to get the perfect fit.

I particularly like the adjustable strap because it means you can adjust it with what you’re wearing and how you choose to wear the belt (high in the waist, lower in the waist, over your clothes or under your clothes).

The SPIBelt is advertised as follows:

Doesn’t Bounce

But does it hold up? Is there anything that is completely no bounce and comfortable? Let’s take a look at each:

Doesn’t Bounce:
Sort of. If all I have is my car key and few other things then yes, no bounce at all.

If I have my phone in the pouch and the SPIBelt isn’t positioned exactly right, there is some bounce. Not a lot but enough to make me stop and adjust it.

That being said, once I’ve got it all adjusted, it’s all sorted and I completely forget it’s there.

Yes. As I mentioned above, once I get it all adjusted I forget it’s even there.

Yes. If you need to conceal items you’re carrying, adjust it to fit snugly around the waist under your clothing.

How Much Will The SPIBelt Original Hold?

According to the website, a standard load consists of smartphone, cash, ID, and car key. The most you’d want to carry is on a race day when you might add a gel or a Powerbar. The more full your SPI Belt is, the more it will tend to bounce so make sure to adjust it to fit properly if you need to.

Important note: The iPhone 6 PLUS won’t fit in the SPIBelt Original. For the iPhone 6 PLUS you will need to get the Large Pocket SPIbelt.

Can I still listen to music while my phone (or device) is in the SPIBelt?
Yes you can. There is a diabetic version called the Diabetic SPIBelt that has a hole in it for a cord, however you can put your phone in and let you cord pass through the end of the pocket without fully closing your zip. This works fine and I’ve not had any problems with doing this.

What are the downsides of the SPIBelt?

Although it carries a phone very well, I find it somewhat cumbersome to get to my phone when I need to start and stop running apps and also to check my stats. Perhaps a SPIBelt with a touch screen window would be nice?

Finally, in conclusion, I love my SPIBelt. It’s comfortable and easily carries the bits and pieces I need when I’m running. For every day running, I highly recommend the SPIBelt Original Series.

Where to Buy
Australia: http://www.injinjiperformanceshop.com.au/
Other countries coming soon

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