Review of my EDC Tool Pouch, Version 1

Here is a review of my custom built, belt carried tool pouch with tools and modifications… all of the work was my own. With this kit, plus a good folder, flashlight, and common sense, I can fix nearly any problem I come across in daily life.

Here are the links to some of the gear shown:
Knipex Cobra Pliers:
Leatherman Tools:
Gerber EAB:
Pocketwrench II:,70373,70375
Blade Tech Tek Lok:

Watch and Jewelry info:
Watch and strap by Greg Stevens:
Left hand ring and Bracelet Beads:
Right hand ring:

My On-Person EDC:
My EDC Bag Dump:


John Coffey says:

Gear, thank you for an excellent video. Thank you also for mentioning the manufacturers. While I have a lot of the items you mentioned, I appreciate good tools that I haven’t tried yet. Extra gold stars for customizing tools to suit your needs.

Modifying a Leatherman?! The holy grail of multitools?! Yet, you showed how you can appreciate their workmanship, while still making the mods to suit your needs. Very well done! I am a new subscriber!

Jay Jacobs says:

you can sew with the letterman awl

Prepping2endurE says:

Awesome Set-up one of the best i have seen.. Thanks for sharing

traderjoes says:

This is  fantastic system! Thanks for the ideas! I have the Knipex too and they are the best Ive ever seen. You could literally use them to grip and climb over a fence by stepping on the handle! No joke.

Angler Trio says:

Great bag, very nice and practical.

Christopher Finn says:

How much for that little dog? Are you willing to sell it? Looks like a great animal.

Rotten3ullet says:

good stuffs brother. best one I’ve seen

Bug Outlaw says:

Love the pliers. You’re other video got me thinking about getting the Crunch. Subbed

bookmn0926 says:

Best one of those kits I have seen yet.

Matthew Steele says:

well i love the video, great set up. may i ask what watch that is that you are wearing?

Jason Schierling says:

Perfect EDC! Thanks for the video.

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Very nice set up

Old Fart says:

Really great kit. The way you store the tweezers is very innovative,

DTOM-EDC says:

dude, this is awesome, I love seeing people make or mod their own tools and carry methods. I’d love to see more videos!

Duke Makedo says:

I like what you did.  I  often  need wire cutters. So I try to  carry a pliers, or leatherman, or small needlenose Visegrip with wire cutters. A mini Visegrip is danged handy thing.

Lonzo993 says:

this is class.

AdrianM says:

ding ding ding ding ding

prdanpr 82 says:

That’s is a lot of useful tools in that little pouch, amazing innovation on your part thanks for sharing, I’m doing my own little pouch aswell and you have given me great ideas

NBZK Zombie says:

It’s nice seeing something more personal driven. It’s cool seeing something other than the “generic edc”. Great video!

mark gliszinski says:

where did you get the awesome paracord bracelet

sarge27271 says:

the super tool half is awesome!

David Zimmerman says:

Can you plz send me an email of all the tools and sheaths (whether you costomized them or not) To

Brandon Dierwechter says:

Go with the Knipex pliers wrench instead of that crescent wrench. Can’t go wrong. Nice pouch tho

Everyday Hansboy says:

Great video! Love seeing good purpose-driven systems! Too many people are carrying a bunch of gear that they don’t know how to use or just ain’t useable, really. I like that you cut through the BS!

fanof runbot says:

Great video!  My pouch is just a leatherman with olight & wingman.  You definitely got the rig for people who actually do work.!

Martin Weber says:

Awesome video. I watched it , quite a few times.

Gerry Funke says:

Sweet kit.

patrapper7 says:

You need to add a wind chime silencer to that tool pouch…

Gary Morton says:

Great kit,have you thought of replacing the adjustable crescent with the Knipex mini Pliers Wrench? Expensive but a great tool!

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