Occidental Leather Tool Belt Review (After 3 years!)

I Bought this tool belt 3 years ago when I was in Vancouver. After 3 years of hard work, the set up is going nicely. In this video I share the pros and cons of the occidental 7 bag framer.
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tacticalsmokepole says:

good vid but should have mentioned/why you riveted the suspender belt loops onto your belt.

PABushcraft Prepper says:

Your pouches are backwards

ITO says:

Well… since you asked, check out the vests and other options at: https://www.atlas46.com/

German Andres C.V says:

hello, help! . How can I get one? greetings from Chile.  Beware

Martin Poulsen says:

It all depends on how you build (set up) and what priority you have on things. Occies are made to last. Period. Hence the not so sporty weight and features. I have been framing in the US for a while, and the whole concept is every needed tool for the given task at hand always. Reload for next task, if it requires a different setup. Framing on a full floor with 2x all over can get messy fast, and you don’t want to turn over every single stick on the floor, just because you wonder where your tape went. When you move, kit goes with you. Gun in one hand, circular saw in the other – Start framing.

Things are not done alike in different parts of the world, but when it comes to framing – Nobody beats the yanks for efficiency on the floor. Forget chop saws and table saws. They’re done framing before I or you would be done setting up. Look up crazy framer, and have a look at how he knocks up a wall – although he’s Canadian. Same MO. That’s why the Occies look like they do. For what you are after, I would recommend something like Swedish Snickers work clothing… You can customize that to almost any need. Just don’t think for a minute that they are anything like the Occies for durability.

Another thing is the whole culture of where and how you store your tools. Since a lot of framers have their Knaack box in the bed of the truck, the Occies are easy to get in and out of with everything in them – ready to go. With a van setup, pants with pockets and all of that, you are more likely to empty out most of it in your tool box, nail/screw boxes and what not, before you get in and take off. That makes sense if you do a lot of different stuff, but not really if you do the same thing over and over.

Matthew Collins says:

I would highly recommend and there reasonably priced!! http://www.bucketboss.com/rigs–pouches.html

Tim White says:

Can you hang your nail gun or impact driver off it ok?
Just found your channel, nice work. Great to see a NZ building video. I’m a builder in Wellington. Definitely will keep watching. Cheers

shonuffisthemaster says:

nylon tool bags wear out, plain and simple. i dont want to be buying new bags all the time. if your concerned with the weight, id suggest you get one of their smaller leather systems, it dosent appear like your using allot of those bags. the 7 bag is the biggest set they make btw

Muzulcao says:

Scott- I highly recommend you check out Diamondback belts. Ive been using one for the past 6 months and what a difference! Just make sure to get the XL sized nail bags, regular size is a bit tight. My coworker has your setup and mine is noticeably lighter. I use it for everything, from forming to finish work. Cheers Mate! -Matt

Zane H says:

Have a look at Diamondback, USA made full customisation, light and rugged https://toolbelts.com/

Jorrit Pronk says:

After the 3rd washing machine broke down cause by some nails en screws being left in my workclothes my wife really really really insisted me wearing a tool belt. But it aint is big as urs. Bit overkill I recon

Troy H says:

Atlas 46 produce a lightweight system that is fully customizable but is fairly pricey too. But most of us here over the ditch wear buckaroo.

Adrian Edhouse says:

Hi Scott. I bought one of the lighter ones from Loven Tools a couple of years back and then got the harness off Amazon in the States. Did you trim the ends of the harness to fit? It seems to be one size fits all but when I adjusted mine to my body size, there seemed to be an awful lot of excess strap left to tuck away. I was just wondering how you found it adjusting yours/

Ned van Geffen says:

you’re well on your way to getting to your 100 videos in 2018 at this rate…

lodgeman1 says:

I not long agp replaced my old set up with a Taurus Hipstar one as I wanted to cut tbe weigth down and I love it. I was really worried that I wouldnt be able to carry enough but its proven to be on the money for me

Vincent Madeleine says:


josh wood says:

Buckaroo belts everyday. But occidental do a nice belt system

Jamie Symmers says:

aye a tool belt is a RARE sight about these parts. rather run to the van every 10 seconds haha

Alex Caballero says:

What’s the name of the song that plays at the beginning?

hurricanenzl says:

I got a bit of shit at first when I got my Occidentals, but I was sick of my Taurus belt as I never liked it revered or on the front. Agree with the size of the Occidentals though they are huge and I think mine are a deeper pocket than yours, I don’t wear braces on mine as I think the adjust to fit bags have a bit more support for the hips? I wear my pants that have multiple pockets hammer loop etc and knee pad inserts when doing finish work inside as I feel too wide with my bags .
Cheers for the vids

wet noodle69 says:

Diamondback tool belts is something you should look at

David Guy says:

I’m a carpenter in Canada and finally got an occidental leather pouch this past Christmas didn’t like it at first as the the tape holder was in a different spot from my old pouch which I had for 6 years but now I’m used to it I love it there definitely the nicest pouch out there I’ve come across keep up the videos Scott there great

Craftmax Cruz says:

Yes..they really..heavy..and the suspenders get quite hot..on summer time..

Ian Lo says:

I really perved over the occidental range for a long time, but the price was really offputting at the time on the money i was earning, so instead i opted for the toughbuilt tool belts.
What attracted me to them was that they are modular and can connect/disconnect via clips. this way i can have a pouch for a dedicated job (1st fix, 2nd fix, finals, whatever) and honestly i get on well with it. i just need the braces to add support because they pull on my hips and in turn pull my trousers down from time to time haha!
but other than the toughbuilt tool belts, if i hadn’t already invested in their range, occidental all day long.
Pricey, probably the most expensive tool belts, but personally from what i’ve seen and heard, theyre worth every penny(or cent).
Keep up the videos Scott, as a fellow chippy, and as a man whos tavelled NZ (and loved the country so much i got an NZ tattoo!), i look forward to every one of your videos that comes up on my feed.
You rock, my man! and your pedro, he seems cool too.

Sasa Blagojevic says:

Buckaroo hands down best tool belt and very customizable.

Zsolt Beres says:

I agree that the tape on the left works well, if you are right handed. That being said, your bags are still backwards. The tape can in the top pocket.

Limbutu Cristian says:

Look for the Samurai Carpenter.
He made a video about his tool belt.

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