Occidental Leather Tool Bags

Wondering how to set up your bags? This is how I do it. And here is how I use a square! https://youtu.be/V1S4ZVHDc9A
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Patreon https://www.patreon.com/essentialcraftsmanThese bags have lasted over 16 years, and still have lots of life in them. My last set bags (shown in video) was also Occidental. I don’t know of a higher quality tool bag on the market. They are expensive, but not when you factor in how long they will last…..they prove to be very affordable indeed.

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The Dave says:

Where do you put your IPhone?

Scubadog says:

I kinda got really annoyed by suspenders back in grade school, because everyone made fun of me for wearing them, but now I might actually get back into wearing them. A good pair of suspenders looks damn good with black jeans or even more formal clothing. Plus, the added benefit of a really cool utility belt!

john5mt says:

Yep….i retrained myself and customized my oxys to put the tape on the left side to speed up the process.

BTW pencil is stored in the hat. Only extra pencils ride in the bags

37South Vintage Restorations says:

Yes I’m like the other fella that mentioned the Obummer pic that came up. Immediately depressed me lol

k bernard says:

Use a zip tie to fix that belt I have the same belt it’s about 12 years old set up the same way. Love leather!

NightWatch says:

So what suspenders do you recommend?

92hbhb Hybrid says:


john martin says:

I love your content I’ve learn alot more that I didn’t fully understand before.
I’m a 27 year old electrician who built, installed, fixed, maintained and tore out elevators and I didn’t have access to such information due to my career.
I did get exposed to carpentry and construction at a young age as my father God bless the man (60 years old 2 replaced knees a bad back and he has MORE ENERGY THAN I DO) was always building decks, sheds, patios…etc (he did try to have his own contracting business on the side but too many penny pinchers tried to get more work for less money and he eventually had enough which is sad cause if he got a good apprentice he could have a very profitable business.

but yes thanks for the education and I enjoy watching your videos you’re very informative and you’re voice is calm yet reassuring and you seem like a guy that tends to be patient with helpers…etc

My Domain69 says:

I’m wanting to start my apprenticeship… How would i chose a good first tool belt? Or should i try to get one second hand till i can figur out what grove works for me then get one?

Rick M. says:

I have the Occidental bags and only worked carpentry in the summers for 17 years (during teacher ‘vacation’ time–to make enough to raise a family) and mine are worn but still have many years of work left in them. Love them and well worth the extra cost. Give them a little leather treatment every few years to blend with the sweat and dirt and they will last well!

sepresley1 says:

thanks for the tips. i;ve about got to the point that i can;t do this any more. I wish i had this when i was 18.

TenB33rs says:

Where I’m from, If you are not wearing occidental bags you are not taken seriously a professional carpenter “at least by other carpenters” .. . However if you have a Stiletto hammer you are considered a prima donna. I’m out of the trades now but thats how it was 8-10 years ago.

Shawn says:

Everyone should wear suspenders at work. Even when I’m not wearing a tool belt, it just seems easier to move around and walk up stairs when my pants are loose around the waist and held high with suspenders.

Jeremy Whisler says:

This video inspired me to pick up an Occidental tool belt and bags. Quite simply amazing! Thank you sir for highlighting this fantastic product!

Md Rimon says:

Thanks for helpful tips https://www.sweethomespot.com/

1mollylee says:

Is that a Dalluge hammer ?

Glenn Holcomb says:

Occidental Oxy-light nylon bags for me. Occidental suspenders as well. Hammer loop in the back is the way to go, as you state.

Jdidddd says:

I have Occidentals as well, and I also keep my tape and square on one side and my pencil on the other. It baffles me how many people keep them on the same side. Great vid as always.

Alan R says:

I don’t remember when I subscribed to your channel, but I can honestly say that you provide consistently good information, conventional and unconventional wisdom, and speak with the experience and common sense of men I thought had all left this life already.
Thank God you’re still here. lol

brambo4791 says:

Just got the 7bag framer leather bags from Occidental had the green lights before they lasted a long time definitely much heavier but I believe they’ll last longer and I can get into the groove and stay there with my bags they already feel like I’ve had them forever I can find tools blind all day great set up

Joe C says:

My occidentals are 18 years old. I have the same rig as you. I cant’t live without them. I can’t think unless they’re on.

Matthew Weinhold says:

Another reason for suspenders is it removes the continual pressure of the belt on the hip joint. Imagine just tightening a belt around the hips every day…….osteoarthritis will follow. Perhaps a reason for padded shoulder straps.

Max Federle says:

I have always thought the same way when it come to tape, pencil, speed square. It’s the most logical positioning and fastest. And yes, it does make a difference when it saves seconds and time is money! Great wisdom sir. I wish I could work along side you. I think we’d get along.

Neil Neil says:

Filson suspenders?

Lil Stack'n says:

Got a set of 7 bag carpenter right handed. Such amazing bags but it just drives me nuts that the tape pocket is on the right hand side. Been trying for a while to find someone to switch it for me and add a better pencil pocket.
Love my pencil in my hardest but those clips are harder to find than a skyhook.
Also for such large bags it would have been nice for more tool separating slots and bands.
Drywaller told me last week “that is the sickest tool pouch I have ever seen!”

sergio linares says:

I love my occidental leather, been with me for 5 years and not disappointed!, by that way I took some tricks from you that makes my job easier??

Adam Lynch says:

I have the nylon bucket boss bags as shown in the suspenders photo. Good set up but I can’t quite get on with them. Comfortable to wear day in day out though

Todd Bader says:

Im in az,where can i put hands on a set of these bags? Dont want to internet order.

J J says:

Shoot, these new bag nowadays have a cellphone holder to accommodate millennials in becoming essential crafts-,….persons? Forget the tape measure holder because there’s an app for that I think. And yes they still like the saggy pants look. Here in central TX they like to sag the pants and tuck the legs in the boots. You’d be proud of the nonessential crafts,…persons?

mcorrade says:

Man-0-man I would take that old bag in a New York minute. And yes nylon bags are too loose. Nice for certain jobs but you can’t beat a leather bag!

stevensrspcplusmc says:

love your channel!!! have the same bags got them in 95.. still holding together!! i use them the same way.. the same layout… they are awesome will never own another brand … I have the oxylites as well.. just as tough..

harrison oswald says:

I had a chance to check out some occidental pouches the last time I was in the states and they where fantastic, a great pouch is a major time saver and can save your back if combined with suspenders. It’s hard to find occidental up here in Canada, but for carpenters up here we have Cadillac brand (no relation to the car) pouches. My foreman gifted me my pouch during my first year in trades and I have never needed another set

bruce peterson says:

i bought a makita belt and attached a few pouches. VERY strong and the pouches are reinforced to stay open. great buy for framing

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