New & “Improved” ZPacks Hip Belt Pockets!

I just got the new, updated, hip belt pocket that I recently ordered from ZPacks in today… and wow! It’s huge! It should work out great for me…

So, I figured I would do a quick little video to show it off…


Shewie01 says:

I asked Jo to make me these pouches for my Arc Blast when I ordered it in February, not sure if they were the first ones he tried? He said they’re not waterproof but I wasn’t too bothered, anything I need to keep dry goes in a mini ziploc anyway. The pockets Jo had at the time just looked too big and I really didn’t like the fold down closure. 
So far the new pockets have worked really well, easy to open and close with one hand and plenty big enough for gorp and electronics. 
I have a grumble with the Arc Blast though, I just can’t reach the side pockets to grab my water bottle when it’s on my back. Although I don’t normally use a bladder I wish I’d left the port in mine now. I’ll try something on the shoulder strap one day but I think a bottle in face will do my head in.

Roaming Gnome says:

Chad…the common complaint that I’ve read….even with that new zipper is that the zipper still leaks. I have no idea if that is true. Maybe an update could be a piece of material that flaps over the zipper. I don’t know.

Eric Hughes says:

Chad, can you please show in detail how the hipbelt attached to the pack. how the frame piece is held to the belt and pack. if you don’t want to do a video could you send some pics?

John Abela says:

I seemed to have missed the velcro version of the last version.

 The green color on black hip belt will look sweet!

Don Milligan says:

Nice video showcasing differences in pockets.

bowrudder says:

This review is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: This one’s too big, this one’s too small, this one’s just right.

TomsBackwoods says:

Nice Chad thanks!

Andy D says:

Cool! Thanks for the review. 

TheMountainTimeZone says:

It’s interesting how subtle differences matter for usage.  It’s also very use specific.  I’d like to see the measurements so I’d know what could fit in them. As usual another great video I enjoy and appreciate!

Jay Babcock says:

I just made my first order of many last night with Zpacks after watching your videos… Thank you Chad!!!!

Maximillion Wilson says:

Thanks for looking out for us, I would have thought they were smaller too.

Shonryu says:

Got a killer deal on a Virga 2 and was deciding on what kind of pockets to put on and remembered your video. I reached out to Joe to see if he could make some modifications to the pockets since the Virga 2 doesnt have daisey chains on the belt. Do you think there will be an issue with them doing a lot of sliding by just adding two bigger loops like the center one? I’m wondering if maybe they might need some kind of cord lock to help with that.

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