Money Belt – Most Comfortable – Hidden Pocket Belt

New Travel Accessory


denoruega says:

Great info!

Tobias Laws says:


Primoz Gricar says:

Based on years of travel experience, having tried tens of different money beIts/pouches, I have to confirm that this type of design is by far the most useful. And it is true – nobody offers them commecially, so I guess this is the reason why Martin made it by himself. Clearly described facts obviously from his pratical experience. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Martin.

jlporter12 says:

That was a good reminder just to keep some money out of your money belt so you don’t have to keep pulling out your hidden items. Also I would advise anyone to get some rfid sleeves for credit and debit cards. I have a belt that has a zipper on the inside where I can hide some cash. This is more for traveling in the USA WHERE I Might be robbed. One last thing I would recommend if you are traveling by sleeper car on a train or staying at a hostel I would tell travelers to sleep with their money and documents on them as I was a victim in Europe.

Beatrice Hughes says:

great thanks

Kevin Dd says:

sell on amazon or I don’t buy. It has to get reviewed.

George Seward says:

I wore this belt my entire trip in the Balkans. I liked the idea that it sit lower on my front pocket and even wore it entire time back on a 12 hour airplane flight..

Thomas Hennegan says:

Will the zippers set off any metal detectors at the airport?

Barb Kramer says:

I think they should go back to the old days and start cutting hands off when people are caught pick pocketing..or stealing in general………would only take a few and we would never need them again…………………….like in Turkey……………………barb UK

Freedom Tryggve says:

Can you tell me how long this is please?

redrum5389 says:

I have one and use it all the time. My wallet would fall out of my sport shorts! Best thing ever

Mrs. Anti Feminazism says:

So are these money belts affective from any female that tends to pickpocket you while you’re drunk??     What if some female at a dance club/bar spikes your drink and has a plan to pick pocket you while you’re passed out??   Will she have a hardtime finding your money in that money belt??

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