Marathon Runners – Hydration Belt or Handheld Water Bottle?

How to stay hydrated for a marathon and during marathon training. There are two main options – hydration packs / belts or handheld water bottles.

Monica from

Fuel belt review:


Fletcher Riverwood says:

Am a simple guy,I saw an attractive athletic girl I press thumbs up.I love running but I never run further than 10km cuz I don’t want carry anything when am running even one key that I have to.If let me choose marathon or cycling I definitly gonna choose cycling,spend the same amount of time I can go much much further encounter more things see more views all you need to do is pedaling,let the bike carry all sorts of stuff and the cycling shirt has three back pocket,I can spend all day long on my bicycle.Because I can go faster & further I save more lifes too,I found more injured animals on the road,even saved a puppy last year,but after all these years of running I only saved a shrimp after a heavy rain night,that’s why cycling is better

Kevin says:

I really prefer a belt type. I recently ran my first marathon and saw many handhelds dropped on the side of the road, should have gone back the day after to collect a few.

merideth frost says:

good video! Im to the point where I no longer want my liquid belt and i want to strip like you’d mentioned LOL. I am starting to run with nothing. This crazy idea i got my my girlfriend who appeared to always do just fine so I thought id try it. I may buy and test it out getting the hand held system just to see. Im working through the science of running now. I have 2 rock n roll series left this year and want to kill my time. THX

Oscar R. Molina says:

Monica, run the Chicago marathon with me.

Culing Bermil II says:

tnx alot mam Monica 🙂

tiffany123 says:

I prefer the belt type. It makes running so much easier when your hands are free. Check out for a list of recommended hydration belts.

Sachin Karlekar says:

Suggest some good hydration belts please.

Mobile Fits says:

I like this if you are needing to carry a water bottle. But I like the slimmer design and larger pockets. I found a great one on Amazon. Search on Mobilefits . S for sports. Fits all waist sizes , very light weight and has two separate pockets. Only 12.99, great price!

Alvin Mariano says:


Nathan Cluster says:

Thanks for the good tips, running my first half in May and these will be helpful.

Luis F. Arenas says:

I recommend the nike storm 2 bottle waistpack 

kaboosejuice says:


Skeeter Lima says:

Gonna try handheld one. See what’s up.

Shan Haq says:

You seem so nice. I like you and you are pretty. I think fuel belts are pretty dorky though lol

Musique Bombarde says:

Do you want to marry me ?

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