Leather EDC Belt Review – My Daily Concealed Carry Belt

Mickey reviews Flagrant Beard’s Wheat Stitched Belt which he wears on a regular basis. He does a live fire demonstration open carry and concealed carry. This is a quality hand-made leather edc belt, made by Amish right here in the USA.

The leather belt comes in a variety of colors. Check out FlagrantBeard.com for details. Discount code is “carrytrainer”

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dbonez88 says:

Quick question, I’m a 34 waist in pants, ive read the instructions on flagrant beards website in regards to sizing and looking for some validation on how to go about ordering (without returning). Since you use the belt frequently, with IWB and OWB, can you tell me what belt size you ordered in comparison to your pants waist size? I’m not sure if I should go with the 36 or 38. Following their guidelines, from the tip of my buckle (where it would latch into the oval hole) to the most comfortable position would measure to 38. It just seems like it will be a long belt, and maybe that’s just in my head. Anyhow, thanks in advance and I appreciate all the time you take to make these videos. Quality content that I look forward to viewing daily. – Derek

Edisto54 says:

Leather belts are also great for giving less than lethal ass whippings. Leather smack across the face will stop most idiots from talking.

Patriotic Realist says:

I have only been carrying daily for 10 years but i have found that leather belts stretch and sag over time and dont make a wise investment for >daily< use. Also, most people are so clueless about what people have on them and fail to observe just about everything. I can conceal a G17 under a t-shirt (printing like i stuffed a baseball bat) and no one is the wiser. Only tac guys recognize cobra buckles and they wont care if you are carrying. Those concerns are only for undercover and protection detail for the most part IMHO. I have even OC'd a G17 and >75% of people dont notice. Sometimes i think ppl notice distortion of the clothing more than thr black gun in plain sight. All the same, watched a number of your vids and continue to soak up the free wisdom. Much respect bro.

Interesting View says:

I run basically the same belt by 5.11 but I think the buckle fitment is better.

MikeAnshit says:

They have a havana brown for my cuban side. Sweet!

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