Joe Rogan Utility Belt and Fanny Pack Walkthrough

The Datsusara Joe Rogan Hemp Utility Belt is a nod to our friend Joe Rogan who loves his “fanny packs”. It’s perfect for when you just need a bit more gear for your adventures. You can also attach the JRUB to any our bags which feature PALS webbing, such as the BPP, BPC, BPM and CEB.

The new 4th generation model features an improved fabric blend that is 30% more durable than our previous material.

A compact fanny pack design as suggested by Joe Rogan himself (he likes a lower profile option most days vs our full size Joe Rogan Utility Belt). The adjustable waist strap is fully removable so you can attach the Joe Rogan Fanny Pack to any our bags which feature PALS webbing, such as our Battlepacks and Covert Emissary Bag.



DoctorBarbarian says:

I love the upgrades to the Utility kit, but now I’m torn on replacing my worn out kit with the upgraded one or getting the new low-pro fanny pack. OOoor, of course I COULD do the obvious and get both…

Oaf Tobar says:

Just got my Rogan Fanny Pack the other day and I love it. Extremely useful for my IT job and even better as the foundation for my EDC. Fucking love Datsusara.

Psycho Mantis 7 says:

I just wish it was Joe Rogan branded

Wyant Nguyen says:

I’m still using the original for gigs, great stuff guys!

DatsusaraGear says:

I heard someone complain that we were taking advantage by naming this after Joe. While I suppose this does get us attention I will say that when I first came out with the Joe Rogan Utility Belt many years ago it truly was to make something I thought Joe and our customers that are fans of Joe would like. I do know him and he’s always been cool with me keeping the name on the bag, it’s rather generous of him since it’s not his brand and I thank him every time I see him. So to be clear it’s with his permission and we are not just cashing in. -Chris

MiamiMidwest says:

I want both! I have the battle pack pro and it’s amazing!

Politically Incorrect says:

Bag looks good, but that logo reminds me of that country Americans get sent to the Middle East to fight wars for. I wonder if it’s coincidence.

Stan Mann says:

I live in a concrete jungle. I like a durable small messenger to keep my tablet and stuff. I wear it over my heard and arm. Still a purse…

Quantametric Coluccio says:

Joe ‘Fanny Pack’ Rogan

grappler41 says:

Anyone know if a S&W M&P Shield will fit in the smaller pack?

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