Improved Complete Woods and Town EDC Belt Kit Review

Show and tell of my new and improved town and woods EDC belt kit and discuss each item.


Hershel Cyphers says:

Really nice belt pouch and kit. The little opossum looks good. Awesome job William.

Justin Russell says:

I use a leatherman with the leatherman wave case that has the elastic loops for additional tools….BUT i put the microstream on one side and a mini sharpie marker from Lowes. That is a near perfect setup for my daily needs. Flashlight, sharpie, and leatherman wave.

Shelley Raskin says:

Very nice William, but…no bandaids?

Jordan Hyland says:

I love your kit vid great job wc

Chris Sproles says:

awesome kit

Anthony P says:

Great belt kit. Opossum looks like a hell of a companion

ibid_win says:

That is a p51 not a p38
And is not needed your sak has a can opener 😉

4 Brothers and a Sister. says:

Good info.

keith moore says:

I don’t even know why they bother with that key chain tab on a blade that big really? is anyone going to put a knife that big on a keychain? anyway, that outside compass it might be to close to the hunter or other compass to be accurate you might want to test that before trusting it to much!! one thing I see is belt placement when carry with it, it might be a little to much for in town carry that on the right side with a belt holster! left side carry might draw attention away from the hog leg! as for Openel, I don’t find any of their stuff worth the price! they’re as bad as Scripto pens and lighters compared to BICS!! if your looking for little tubes for storage you can take old BIC pens and pull the ink head out! you can cut them down to whatever size you need to boot! you might have to hot glue the cap vents shut but they work pretty good I use them to keep needles in and there’s always the tubes that cleaning brushes come in!! Outers and Kleenbore both sell their brushes and mops in little tubes and they don’t pull apart in the barrel like Hoppee’s!!! something to keep in mind when your looking to get a new brush or mop I’ve had 5 of Hoppee’s brushes come apart in the barrel of my .22 rifle DON’T TRUST THEM!! especially in camp!!

kidbach says:

Nice kit. I’m impressed by how good your magic neck knife is by changing from scales down orientation to a sideways orientation. 😉

Survival Mindset says:

Nice one William! Nice kit!

Carlos Sepulveda says:

love it

05generic says:

William do you recall what the waxed jute thing is called? It sounds like a good idea and I can’t find it on Joe’s channel.

J Baumgardner says:

Well done William I’m curious where do you purchase your leather from.

Lag88 says:

I have my own kit that I use. I keep everything in a Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer that I keep in my cargo pocket.

Kris Aguilar says:

Thanks for showing my future knife! I love it!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah William, Great Kit, Yeah, I have a Necessities Pouch on my Survival Belt also. Infact a couple of my Knives like my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife has a Survival Pouch that attaches to its Sheath. In it there’s a large tin full of survival gear,, including a bottom compass, little knife, etc. I dunno if you can just buy the Survival Pouch., But what I like about it is that you can cook in tge tin. It’s supposed to be water proof, it has a rubber ring and two clamps on each side. I added my Mora Kansbol to one side of the Sheath, the other side, I have a 6″ Ferro Rod. I liked it so much I bought the Fox Jungle Parang which comes in Black so I teamed it with one of my C. S. 3V Master Hunters. You gave me a wonderful idea. I have a couple of Silva Compasses. Two Vintage Brass and (2) Plastic, I think tgeir tge Huntsman. Anyhow, tgeir very accurate and tge Brass ones you can tell time pretty accurately on its back side. Well I want to attach one to my Survival Pouches. Thanx You, Partner.,,.p

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