How to avoid pickpockets using money belt with rfid protection

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►Useful Travel Safety Tips
For planning your trip and getting packed
1. Consider travel insurance and make sure it will cover you at your destination.
2. Schedule a regular check-in with someone back home.
3. If possible, take a self-defense class.
4. Give someone back home your itinerary.
5. Take pictures of all your documents and put them on a locked site like DropBox that you can access from any computer.
6. Bring an external phone charger.
7. Bring a portable door or window alarm.
8. Carry a safety mechanism that you feel comfortable with.
9. Arrange a private transfer from the airport when you arrive, especially if you’re arriving at night.
10. Learn a couple of words in the local language.
11. Know the crime reputation for the areas you are visiting.
12. In case of an emergency it’s a good idea to leave copies of your itinerary, passport and visas with family or friends.
13. Leave expensive jewelry at home – this also includes expensive-looking jewelry – you don’t want to make yourself a target.
14. Don’t forget to fill in the emergency information page of your passport.
15. To avoid pickpockets carry your money in different places on your body, rather than together in a highly visible waist pack – money belts are your best option.
During the trip
1. While sleeping on a train, bus, or any other public place, always keep your money, passport, credit cards and other valuables on you. For extra security carry your valuables in a hidden money belt – most travelers find the waist version most comfortable. Most likely you will wake up if somebody tries reaches down your pants while you are sleeping.
2. Be on the look out for anybody who is offering to help you with your bags at a train or bus station
3. If you must wear jewelry, make sure it’s fake.
4. International phone plans are worth it for emergencies.
5. Have hard copies of your itinerary and important phone numbers with you at all times.
6. Don’t keep all your money in one place.
7. Call ahead to see if your hostel or hotel has a locker or safe.
8. If you’re listening to music, don’t wear both headphones.
9. Take your bag with you to the bathroom every time, even on buses and trains.
10. Don’t sleep on trains.

For making the most of your stay
1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
2. Be extra-careful after dark.
3. If there’s a hotel safe, use it.
4. Trust your instincts and use your intuition and gut feeling when dealing with strangers.
5. Make a local friend.
6. Try to dress like a local.
7. In some places, it helps to wear a fake wedding ring.
8. Keep a copy of your credit card numbers and credit card companies in the hotel safe. If your credit card is stolen you’ll still have access to report it and freeze the card.
9. If you order room service or something from a hotel, never identify that you are alone.
10. Leave the TV on when you leave your hotel room.
11. If you get lost, don’t look at your phone or a map in the middle of the street.
12. Drink in moderation.
13. Don’t feel guilty about saying no to anything.
14. Be wary if someone bumps into you, the person might be a pickpocket.
15. Know where the nearest embassy of your country, a police station or hotel is in case of an emergency.
16. Don’t share personal information with anyone you don’t know.
17. Travel in numbers to ensure safety.
18. Keep only the high value bank notes in your belt, plus other most important valuables
19. Have some petty cash in a separate purse, keep it in your pocket, take it out when needed – instead of reaching for it in your hidden money belt and exposing your “secret” to the world.
20. Put all your items to the pockets of the belt and then adjust the strap using the buckle
21. If you want you can put a paper clip next to the buckle so you skip readjusting the strap every time you put it on.
22. Never let anybody to take your credit card out of your sight
23. Hide your expensive gadgets away from the public eye
24. Never leave your drink unattended
25. Look for one with two pockets that zip closed.
26. The money belt should be worn between your outer garment and your underwear, with its top below your belt line.
27. Select a color that will not show through your clothes.We have found that the khaki or tan colored money belts are the best choice.
28. The rest of your cash should be in the money belt.
29. Keep any negotiable travel documents, such as airplane tickets, traveler’s checks, ATM cards, and credit cards in your money belt.
30. We recommend that you carry your ATM card or credit card in your wallet or pocket only when you are going to use it. At all other times, these cards should be in your money belt.

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fred church says:

i like it when a woman uses her bra cup as a pocket for her wallet or paper money. even better when she is wearing a tight fitting tank top and the shape of it is noticable inside her bra cup.

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The bad news? You have to be here with that cow tomboy, and I’m surrounded by beautiful women.

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bil45ohb gmail says:

wrong…You need tuck inside your pants or skirt coz if you don’t thieves can still see them.

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