HOLY COW! New – EDC Wazoo Cache Survival Belt – Survival Kit – Money Belt, Travel Tool

WOW! “FIRST LOOK” – Is it BETTER than a Paracord Belt? – Build a DYI Survival Kit and Wear it Around Your Waist! NEW Wazoo Survival Cache Belt IS A Money Belt, Travel Tool, Survival kit and whatever else you make it…

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mr penis says:

any1 else secretly wish he’d trip and fall on his stupid neckknife?

just me

Jim Hill says:

Not is, but will be. They’re only 6 months behind on production for the Kickstarter run.
But, it is cool, or will be, one day…☹️

Marth says:

I just got the last Adventure pack early bird out of 500 on their Kickstarter, looking forward to this when it comes next year!

Marth says:

That’s really awesome, quite an impressive amount of engineering they put into it.

Christopher Scharf says:

That is a cool belt

S.F. Outdoors Club says:

looks cool. great price point, to be fair, but I’m very much a diy guy so I will be making my own with some customization. Not sure why they feel the need to KickStarter this product though.

Tralfaz says:

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, BATMAN! But, seriously, if Murphy were alive, today, he would say that the piece of gear you need will ALWAYS be the piece all the way at the bottom of your pack… Nice set up.

Itsa Frap says:

this belt is made of fockin WIN!

MrBoomie00 says:

Great vid, thanks! Question- who makes the neck knife?

Mr. Awesomepants says:

My idea for the perfect survival belt: wazoo cache belt w/ survival kit, then do a paracord wrap and replace the buckle with the recently announced SOG sync 1

Andrew Keeton says:

Just when ur bout to run thru some pussy, your “survival belt” falls apart spilling the contents of your weird ass onto the floor.

Fowler's Makery and Mischief says:

to cool

Phant4sm says:

holy backorder batman! ordered 3 months ago still havent sent becuase they are waiting on a cobra buckle I DIDNT ORDER

CCRLover1 says:

Just take my money!!! Ordered an Adventure Belt off Kickstarter.

Ronnie Pickering says:

hahhaaha what exactly are you nuts surviving from?

Web Rookie says:

anyone who actually spend money on crap like this wouldn’t survive in a survivalist situation anyway. survival is about mindset. improvising and adapting what one has at their disposal. not paying for people to sit on their ass and make YouTube videos and attacking garbage to their belts. kickstart your own brain and save your money.

johnnyapples says:

Wow what a price! way too high.Why?

Chris Lambert says:

Nice belt.

David Guymon says:

Probably one of the best grayman belts I’ve ever seen!!!

mark s says:

Cool. Going for the minimalist as I have all the items in various tins/kits already.. – I just wish it came with the signal mirror…

chris. Boots on the ground says:

That photon beam “LED” light!lol, Must be from star trek.

David Barclay says:

Wazoo makes the highest quality wearable survival gear. The company has been a dream to deal with. Their ideas are genius and will certainly save someone’s wazoo, in fact they already have. Don’t hesitate if you have the need. Be prepared!

TJack Survival says:

Looks great! I need to get my hands on one. Be safe getting home from the jungle man.

Mike Haub says:

So the belt is not available in a 36″?

gerald dedon says:

lol doubles as a money belt, but u need two
u never get on a plane with the survival pack

GoldinTheHero says:

why would i carry a bunch of small stuff inside my belt instead of putting them in a small waterproof (which the belt isnt) bag and tying it to my hip? i dont get the practicality at all. the mirror in the belt buckle is cool though.

Marcus58451 says:

Please….people please stop putting bottle openers everyvhere…

kuribo1 says:

How is sweat going to affect the belt and the items inside? I have a leather cash belt and on hot humid days here in japan it soaks right through the leather. I would expect the nylon to be even more susceptible to soaking if gotten wet. If carrying important documents getting wet would be a somewhat negative thing. Just wondering, not knocking or anything.

Jason Tremblay says:

How long is the belt, will it go around bigger guys?

Survival Mindset says:

Great review one great tactical/EDC products

TheLake1963 says:

simply awesome

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