Evergoods MPL (Mountain Panel Loader) Review

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More from their website: http://bag.gg/EvrGdMPL
MPL30 is our outdoor focused backpack with an attention to fit, function, durability, and detail that make it thrive as an active day bag in any environment. MPL30 crosses over from travel, to urban, to outdoor exploring.

EVERGOODS backpacks bring an attention to fit, function, durability, and detail that make them thrive in both outdoor and urban environments. 100% designed, developed, and tested in-house in Bozeman, MT.

Integrated harness + waist belt provide excellent fit with streamlined and simple operation. Contoured shoulder straps and back panel hug the body.

Zipper line is placed/angled for accessing while wearing. Diamond footprint accommodates rectangular items like wallets and phones, while funneling smaller items like coins or batteries to the lowest point for easy location.

420d high tenacity nylon 6,6 main shell fabric with PU knifecoat on back side. Balance weave for equal tear strength in both directions.

Right and left shoulder ports have no velrco, no elastic, and no moving parts. Easy to use and will not break over time.

Accommodates items like: headlamps, small cameras or electronics, ski goggles, hat/gloves, sunglasses, binoculars or trail food.

Easily stow/grab a shell or other items. Access an internal security pocket with built in key leash.

Large panel opening allows for easy packing and inventory of contents.

Zipper orientation and dedicated front panel pocket volume make this great for access and packing anywhere.

Easily transport and carry MPL30 about town or while in transit or traveling.

Contoured shoulder straps and ergonomic harness combined with strategic pocket orientation throughout the bag make on the go access seamless.

bobbles and dangles make it glide through town.

Right or left hand operation and adjustable height.


Luke Fromowitz says:

Per usual, amazing review Chase. Always need you, never want to see you – What pouch is this? I have been wondering for the past 5 reviews.

Luis Godinez says:

Hold up…. what dongle pouch was that?

MRCnyc1 says:

is being “under the weather” a euphuism for going goth?

Riyad Movlazade says:

This was gr8, so stoked for the CPL review. Can you ID the always-need-you-never-want-to-see-you, and your jacket, Chase?? Both look awesome

Dan says:

Great review! Still think I want the GR2 though. I love the rugged (indestructibility if you will) design of it.

Mucho Gusto says:

Have you seen or do you plan on doing a review of the Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L?

Eddie says:

Thanks Chase. I’ve considered buying this bag, but was hesitating due to reviews online that it attracts dust and dirt. Do you have the same experience?

Mordy Friedman says:

What the heck is in that Brown Buffalo Bag? haha

someguyinnj says:

Hmm… where’s my brightness knob? (I think it’s the black outfit/black bag thing) Still, awesome review as always. DYING to see that CPL24 review. Maybe when they make more it’ll come out in black multicam.

Zameer Max says:

Hope my subscribe helps, watching from Singapore!

Ian Follett says:

I’ll lend you my CPL 24 for a few weeks if you need one to review.

Zachary Lapointe says:

You should review the Thule covert

Carlos Andres Gonzalez Baquerizo says:

Please do mystery ranch bags

André Calil says:

Oh boy, third video this week, we’re lucky! I felt like you were talking to me when you brought up the “don’t need all those pockets, I can get my stuff organized myself”. I’ve started a game: guess where you’re storing the unmentionables. Got it wrong this time. Love how you have a M50x just hanging around. Keep ’em coming, Mr Youtuber.

martin murphy says:

I love the look of that bag

Sergii V says:

Will consider this bag when I have children )

Aly Visram says:

THANK YOU – have been waiting for this for too long! Nice work man!

Nikki Byer says:

Totally not in the market for a bag (this chick carries a diaper bag disguised as a purse, big enough for my laptop… and business papers) but I can’t stop watching this shit.

If I end up buying a bag I don’t need and my husband comes after me with the credit card bill like WTF is this, I’ll just share your channel with him. Then we’ll be good.

Or he’ll buy all the bags and we’ll be broke. Damn. Either way, still entertaining as fuck!

Darryl says:

How comfortable? God damn comfortable! Thanks for the review.

MightiestArm says:

I wish they made a 40L version of this

Evilami TV says:

One again, nice review……..I’ll keep it short this time.

Feel better soon.

Daniel Anugerah says:


Marc Leonard says:

mun!!!! yes!!!

Matthew Elders says:

Someone posted this on a subreddit I follow. All i can say is WOW. as a “gear guy” ive watched hundreds if not thousands of reviews of various things over the years… but this guy is hands down the best. He really gets it and his presentation is spot on. He is tuned into what consumers really want to know and relays that in a incredibly personable way. 5 stars.

Joe Berninghausen says:

Love those donuts!!

Elliott Travis says:

Fantastic review as always. But for real, what is that jacket?

Russell Wong says:

Will you be reviewing their new travel bag when it releases?


Hello. How many bag etc. you have for review and general in home?

Thorbjørn Bomholt Bro says:

will you review the boundary PRIMA SYSTEM MODULAR BACKPACK ??

rchan326 says:

hey Chase, what’s the always need you never want to see you organizer bag called? thanks in advance!

james Truscello says:

“no babe i don’t think he is high, he is always like that.” “yes darling, he does like to talk about how things feel, he gets yelled at in the museum all the time” “No Sweetie, he said when he was hunting for Morels there were so many he was tripping over them, good day right?” “No love, i am almost positive the Lakota Shaman gave him some beads and a sage stick, perhaps a CD on meditation” Keep it up Chase-ster, keep it up “did he say choke your CHILD!!!” Yea babe we are killing kids now, biggest selling point in my book

Francis Sinlao says:

Billy Costigan: [to the bartender] Cranberry juice.

Man in Bar: It’s a natural diuretic. My girlfriend drinks it when she’s got her period. What, do you got your period?
-the Departed

NorthernAvenger says:

WARNING: Choking hazard for willowy infantile necks.

Louology says:

Feel better dude

1marcandrew1 says:

Agree perfect for riding the Bajaboard. ‘Persnickety’ – English with Chase. Haha. No water bottle pocket! Oh NO! Haha. Thanks bro

John Jackson says:

I’d love to see you review some bags from Tough Traveler. They have a bajillion (I counted) styles. I’ve heard they are great bags. Made in USA. But their website must have been designed in 1998 and hasn’t been changed since. Here’s a company that could really use your help. http://www.toughtraveler.com/

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